Nice one lads

Realm ruined, well played boys.

All the best.

Love Hazbuk


Pour one out for the hommies.



Its hilarious, The allies of flamelash made sure the horde of flamelash knew they were moving. Even blamed Horde for ruining server.

That triggered panicked Horde to leave too, like 6-7 of our biggest Horde guilds moved because of no alliance left.

This ruined your server now as well, GJ Venture & Other allies that left Flamelash. You should have stayed quiet, moved quiet, and not let all the Horde know.

Now Earthshaker is worse than Flamelash ever was. Though all the old Nucleus Pro people left too, Flamelash is so happy now.

I agree, this should have stayed silent, then Earthshaker would even be better off. Anyway, Earthshaker is pretty much 50/50 atm, so for the Alliance it is way, and way better than it was on Flamelash.

Have fun!

What is so bad about this. The server received a boost in population yes, but the ratio is 50/50ish no? That sound like a win win to me.

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Yo, your name sounds familiar, every play on The Maelstrom?

I am Hazbuk from The Maelstrom ya :slight_smile:

…why ? (+10 characters)

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