Night Elves: Where are the units like Hippogryphs and Stone Giants?

So it’s been a while since playing the night elf heritage quest and I have been playing Warcraft 3 reforged for a while which made me wonder “What happened to all the in-game stone giants, hippogryphs, Chimaeras in World of Warcraft?” like where are the night elf units? Has Blizzard just forgotten them or did I miss a lore/questline that made them disappear?

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Even more interesting question is that - WHERE ARE THE DRUIDS?
Where are the Druids of the Talon, or the druids of Cenarion Circle? Where Thisalee Crow or Malfurion?
We have entire druid patch, and what we got? Thrall and Dark Rangers??? Blizzard seriously?

Its like if when there will be expansion dedicated to the Blood Elves Silvermoon, Malfurion will lead the army of heroes


Lost and forgotten :frowning:

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i dunno i lost some respect for Thisalee Crow when she made me save wildlife on the broken shore during a legion invasion :stuck_out_tongue: like what are this priorities!

Post WC3 Blizz retconned a lot of things.
Mountain Giants and Ancients are more “Wild Gods and Ancients” affiliated, not Night Elven.
The biggest crime is writing off Malfurion from the start of the expansion while being conscious of 10.2 being Emerald dream-centric… very shameful, but after so many years of lore bashing, I’m not surprised nor invested.

We will see what will Metzen do about Night Elves, since of all the races they are trully his brainchildren. This team, starting with danuser, definetly hate them.

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Nelves had access to Hippogryphs since Vanilla, these are their flying mounts.

As for Stone Giants, I recall having to defeat one inn Vol’Dun invasion.

And Chimera was added as a mount to horde :stuck_out_tongue: Just like Shadowclaw the rare saber which was my third pet in vanilla…

Honestly I am not that much bothered by it, these units were either animals or stone giants and where are many reasons you can fabricate to justify it in reasonable.

What bothers me the most is defanged nelves are, they’re such a crybabies and hippies that it’s hard to take them seriously anymore.

You have 2 books that states that they’re not neutral, that they’re still pissed at the Horde (understadingly so), DF comes and they accept everyone with open arms.

Make it make sense.

Actually if you stick to the lore, no other race could ride Sabers and Hypporgyphs except Night Elves. In few months those who played this game since launch of Trading Post and did it every month will get Warden armor set no matter what race they are. I didn’t know trolls or orcs or any other race besides Night Elves could be or have been Wardens

Exactly what i feel and all my characters on 5 realms are Night Elf. Sad :stuck_out_tongue: but I can’t force myself to play anything else. tried, didn’t work.

There is no sense anymore. Look at what cinematics we are getting these days. What kind of stories. ever since BFA. How a dark ranger, Nathanos, and banshee, can be stronger then Malfurion of Tyrande? Cannonicly Dark Ranger is a ranger. banshee had one ability in WC3 and that is possesing someone :stuck_out_tongue:
How the hell did they menaged to go toe to toe with two probably most powerful mortals on Azeroth is beyond me. Malfurion is almost a Demigod, Tyrande literary genocided undead army alone in Wc3 and in same time saving Blood Elfs from extinction (favor returned in BFA lol)
If it had to go that way for some reason, at least they could have put some cinematic or explenation in game or even in book before BFA launched.
This is not how you write the story

Sabers are big cats, and Trolls had these in Zul’Gurub, you had panther from Bethekk, and Great Zullian Tiger from Shirvallah. But I’d also agree that dinosaurs fit trolls much better, and, personally I am super basic player, and on all my trolls I continue to ride on raptors, witht he only exception being the Jewelcrafting panthers. I keep gathering other mounts but they collect dust. xD

And I agree that Warden should be race specific mog, they had no issue limiting certain stuff to race only, such as Tauren totem harness. And even if I had this mog, I wouldn’t use it becuase on my char it would look goofy. But likewise everyone has access to Blood troll set.

I have other alts o both Horde and Alliance, and Pandaren is a good race if you want to cut yourself enteirly from H/A and truly act like adventurer that has no real ties to any faction. Not to mention that they were very well written, and imo they’re the wisest race in entire franchise. But I also am super dedicated to trolls, so most of my alts are either DS or Zandalari, but I don’t have that many alts to fill 5 realms because I suck at alts. xD

To be fair, the Malfurion power is over the top. He might be the first druid and Cenarius is his teacher, but Mally is too much god-like in power, and it’s causing too many narrative issues.
If he is so stronk to hold entire army all by himself then indeed it’s weird why can’t he solve so many problems solo. Same with Jaina, since vanilla we are told that arcane is very corruptive and eventually overusage of it would bering certain consequences, so you were warned to be careful with it. And Jaina is anything but careful, she is pulling feats that should’ve require assistance from other mages. And it makes me frustrated because it makes armies obsolete if we have essentially marvel superheroes that goes pew pew.

So I’d rather if we left gold-like powers to god, and have reasonable power levels among mortals. Mally can still be the most powerful druid on Azeroth, but he shouldn’t solo armies.
Because armies have also mages and other druids to counterattack him.

In the end both Mally and tyrande are mortals they can still be harmed, when used a proper ambush. They can still let their guard downn at certain point, or end up falling to a river.

I’d say that to me the biggest issue is how they went the opposite extrerme of BfA in DF. They pretend that animosities don’t exist anymore. Alex sais that all Azeroth is united
(Is it Alex? IS IT?!)
Horde and Alliance is essentially merged together, nobody seems to care.

The only silverlining from the BfA plot for me was that at least nelves could be back being vicious. Aaaand they aren’t. They are tolerant, open and even date people from opposing faction “because life is so precious, and love is what matters the most”.

My sub ends in next month. I can’t take it anymore.

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