Night Fae Covenant: Begin Your Wild Hunt

Night Fae Covenant: Begin Your Wild Hunt

Join forces with the mystic Night Fae Covenant to shape the future of the Shadowlands and earn fantastical rewards.

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I’m 90% certain these are going to be my people in shadowlands.

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Wacky four legged creature for warchief !

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Kiro for warchief*

I am at least 91% certain of this myself.

Damn you got me beat

blessing of seasons… is gone for now… thanks :smiley: :D, the idea was somehow okish…but it shouldnt work on party members, maybe some kind of spell bonus effects when its changing the visual look of the paladin too.
Divine storm: does chilling aoe debuff, with frosty visual in winter
Crusader strike does fire damage up to 3 targets instead of physical in summer
Concentration ticks faster and its moving with paladin in autumn (more like concentrated sky then ground :))
every second Templars verdict costs one less holypower and incriesing your haste by 2% stacks up 4 times in spring.

it should rotate automaticaly, and ofc spells should be affected in different way for each spec… with pretty much same bonuses

that would be fun, usefull i think


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“as well as save Tyrande Whisperwind from the grim fate that befalls all who take up the Night Warrior’s mantle. However, changing the course of destiny is neither simple nor quick. Altering the strands of Tyrande’s fate will be an ongoing thread that runs throughout the story of the Shadowlands.”

Well this sounds good, atleast it means that she doesn’t die right at the start.

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Thats the one bit of badness about the night fae

Well you’re welcome to choose one of the 3 different covenants

Just because I can’t stand Tyrande and wish they would kill her off, doesn’t mean I’m going to chose a different covenant

Warrior in full Night Fae plate transmog excitedly awaiting the boss fight in the next chamber.


i suppose this is a typo?

  • Claw’s Edge – Get access to powerful kyrian enhancements.

Not a typo, The Claw just really has that much edge!

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