Nightborne quest not available!

I remembered there are new races so i started doing allied races quests since i’ve got all the current content’s REP maxed and some of legions rep high too. I finished mag’har orcs and zandalari trolls questlines and unlocked them and then i realized i still had the nightborne quest on the map pointing at the orgrimmar embassy. I went inside and i find sylvannas in the middle with several horde characters around her and i do not see any quest. I’ve closed down the game several times, i stopped playing for some hours even days and i still cannot get the quest. Anyone know what to do?

Are you sure you’ve completed the achievement Insurrection (the Suramar storylines)?

Yes it has a green highlight and i have the achievment in the achievment page done with this character. The quest shows in orgrimmar to start the nightborne questline but no ones inside with it.

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