Nightelf Paladins

It is time we finally get the long requested Nightelf Paladins. Not only have we seen them since Legion already but we also know that blizzard will eventually open up all race/class combos as they said in an interview. They would perfectly fit with the Elune theme as in blue light. Not much work needs to be done here besides changing some color schemes.

I mean we have Tauren Rogues and Draenei Warlocks. Since Nightelfs are popular as a race, as are Paladins as a class, you will also make a lot of money from all the race changes. So please go ahead and finally fulfill this request. Thanks.

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I really wish they’d give classes some kind of visual differences to set them apart based on race, like for example druid forms. Or more detailed a kultiran balance druids shooting moonfire is a bit off, why not color that moonfire with the drust color? Same ability just looks more the part. I mean if they keep adding more race-class combos.


Yeah, just give us Silver Light. I would prefer Silver Light over Golden one via Glyphs personally. Give us choice!

Like, imagine being able to be a Silver Paladin or something similar. Would give me huge BG3 vibes (spoilers!)


tbh I feel like the final chapter of the Tyr campaign will be paladins for all races


Pray my friend, they get instant 25€ from me for race change.

Whether by glyph or some other means (e.g. NPC), I agree it would be great to have a toggle between the default warm/yellow light effects and cold/silver light effects. There is currently an awful lot of yellow…


Delas Moonfang is hinted in Bel’Ameth new Nelf capital dirt village where horde is free to hang out without being attacked by Night Elf guards.

So if she is there, means Paladins are next. Biggest hint I could think of.

That’s why we need silver light for paladins and some other variations/glyphs.

I want every night elf paladin to be locked into Retribution spec and for them to form an army to avenge Gilneas and Teldrassil. It forever annoys me these events were forgotten the way they were.

I don’t care how many kittens your forsaken has saved. The night elf paladins will put you back where you belong. In the damn ground!

That would be the perfect reasoning for nelf palas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Goblin paladins, explained the same way they’re shamans :joy: they just scammed the light into a contract, now they get to be paladins or they can take the naaru to court

That is what they do with the Goblin Priests. If you can be a Priest and a Warrior you should be able to be a Paladin.


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