Ninjalooters here


Akino from guild called It is what it is looted onyxia tier 2 helmet for himself and 1 other of his friend instead of giving a fair chance of rolling for it even when I was playing protection warrior myself. Feel free to report other ninjalooters here. Shame on them :frowning:

Hey meatfull,
You joined a onyxia pug, by the gear you wore you coudn’t be classified as a protection warrior, everyone in the raid tought you were a dps, but terribly specced. nor did you actually preform the warrior tank role on onyxia.
you did pull agro of the tank as a spec on onyxia.

for your information, the tank i played together with in that raid wasn’t my friend and i have never seen him since.

the onyxia went MS>OS and 2 helms dropped & there were 2 tanks, so logically in that situation it was decided to just give them to both tanks.

Hey Aezhal!

You talked to me before raid and you knew perfectly well that I was protection specced. Us doing super super slow phase 1 resulting me pulling aggro as offtank doesnt really seem too strange? It can happen. Stop lying about you not knowing about my spec :slight_smile: It was also stated on chat before helmets were rolled. You can believe or whitewash yourself however you like. Hope you know the truth yourself and feel a bit shame.

You did the looting wrong that day. As simple as that.