<Ninth Order> [A] recruitment


Hello. If you’re looking for a stable guild that has been around since the beginning of the game and has never stopped or disbanded, Ninth Order is the guild for you. We have existed since the third week of vanilla and have raided for almost 15 years. As a result of being around forever, we are a more mature guild with many members in their later 20s-30s.
With the relaunch of WoW Classic, many members, old and new, have joined us in this raiding adventure once more. However, we are looking for a few more people to fill in the gaps!

Practical Info
Raid times: Monday, starting at 19.30 (Onyxia is being done on flex days for now)
Progress: MC 10/10, Ony 1/1

What can you expect
Mature and professional raiding environment, fair and non biased lootsystem, occasional banter and if you fit in, a stable home for the rest of the game.

What do we expect
We expect you to show up to raids, in time. If you can’t make the raid, you alert one of the officers beforehand.
We expect you to know your class to an extend that you are able to follow simple tactics and perform your role on a decent level. We do not require you to be fully buffed up with consumables.

Do not apply if

  • you are easily offended or triggered
  • you expect to be rewarded with epics every time you show up in raids

What are we looking for
Currently we’re looking for:

Holy Priest/Paladin x1
Fury Warrior x1

We are always open to exceptional applicants

If you’re interested, give us a PM on discord or ingame :wink:
Yokke, Talho
Yokke#7926, Talho#5258


Can I play DH?


Currently looking for a Holy Priest/Paladin and a Fury Warrior!


come check out our tabard ! best tabard made ever !