No AH in BFA main cities?

Am i the only individual who think it’s stupid not to have an Auction House in Boralus & Dazar’Alor? I mean story wise it still wouldn’t add up, if you look at it the realistic way, there would obviously be some sort of an Auction House. I just find it very irritating that i’ll have to portal to Stormwind or Orgrimmar, just to buy a simple item. Let me know your thoughts on this!

Yes it is annoying. It is far better on my engineer char (AH at the scrapper).


That’s intended afaik to not kill the old capitals (ngl it’s better this way for horde players, Dazar’alor is a pain to navigate if you don’t have the TP ring)

Your best option is to have a toon in front of your AH which sends whatever item you need. You waste less time by logging off on your main and sending the item through mail then taking two portals and traveling between the portal and the AH twice.

Overall… That’s fine imo, a minor inconvenience but at least we didn’t had to spend too much time in dazat’alor before pathfinder was available


If you have Engineering, you have access to an auctionator next to the scrapper


It was the same in Legion with no AH in new Dalaran, although I am sure there was one in Northrend Dalaran, so it must have got lost when they teleported the city… I wondered whether the lack of AH in BfA cities was also to encourage you to spend all your gold on Long Boi so you could have an AH wherever you want?

buy a longboi then.


Well that would just make it too convenient then, like Sholah said, its to keep the old Cities relevant.


It’s always been like this and is intended. If you are an engineer you do get an AH in your current hub though :wink:

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Thats because you need a reason to buy this fancy AH mount :sweat_smile:


I think it keeps our capitals alive, some things can only be done there by the bulk of the playerbase. So it’s not a ghost town :slight_smile:


This why my AH character is an engineer, as well has garrison AH and is going to have a saurus too. Having 2 loadscreens minimum on my way to AH is getting dull on my ‘normal’ characters.

My theory is that it was just done so people would feel more enforced to buy the bloody long boi

Dalaran didn’t had an AH on either expansion beside the engineer one (which bfz also has afaik), where was the long boi back then ?


Its done so that the new cities dont end up overpopulated. To many players in one place causes allot of lag and in some cases a server crash.

Haven’t given it that much thought haha

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I think is aright, makes old capitals hubs where you still see peeps around and gives Engineering some extra utility.

Well mate… dont u have a LongBoy yet…?? :joy:

I have a Brutosaur so I’m ok with that. :slight_smile:

The AH in Northrend Dalaran is the same as the one in Legion, only for Engineers, at least that is how it work back in WOTLK. After Cataclysm it was changed to allow erveryone to use it because the portals to faction cities were removed.

As others have mentioned there is an Auction House in the Battle for Azeroth city hubs, if you’re an Engineer :wrench:

That was true back in Legion as well, during that time the AH in Dalaran in the Broken Isles was just for Engineers, it’s a perk for being that profession, your own little robo buddy Auctioneer.
It was opened up to others when Battle for Azeroth released to make it a little easier for people still leveling up in that content.

Warlords of Draenor you could build an AH in your Garrison.
Mists of Pandaria the Shrines each had an AH again for Engineers only back then and later opened up to everyone.
Dalaran in Northrend too back in the day, during Wrath of the Lich King it was Engineer only, and opened up to others afterwards.

I don’t actually remember if there was one in Shattrath… it’s late and nearly my weekend though :smiley: