No changes yet no refunds?


Blizzard used to be generous with 1-day-increases to subscribers’ game time during vanilla and later expansions. With these insane queue times I wonder where are they now?

You can’t let people create characters on a server and then urge them to switch it once there’s queue to avoid refunds. That’s morally so wrong it hurts my soul. Does nobody in the EU-department have a direct line of contact to the people in charge or why is it so difficult to fill basic rules of service?

Outside of the queues I absolutely still love the game and outside of few major exploits and bugs I’m very happy with the Classic experience.



That’s the thing. You are the one choosing the server not Blizzard.


Once I choose a server and spend time there I’m supposed to be able to continue doing so. It’s Blizzard’s sworn duty to ensure that subscriptions aren’t wasted in queue.

Thanks but I don’t need pro-Blizzard fanatics on this topic that have had no personal experience with the company that originally launched the game. Denying a major change in Blizzard’s behavior during the last decades would be absurd.


Blizzard is not enymore Blizzard, they want only money. What they do they are doing for money. They don’t care about people, dont be blind.

We pray to god mabbye somebody left the server :slight_smile:

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There are changes, infact so many yet players don’t read them:

Maximum population not going to be increased, although it’s more then it was in the past anyway.

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

I’m quite sure that feedback is being gathered, but discussions will have to take place before any action is taken. The latest “major” action is for example 5 days ago, increasing the maximum realm capacity allowing more players to be logged in at once.


They gave me 2 options we decided on Golemagg know its 10k queue


That doesn’t help whatsoever, I am on Gehennas, the queues have not improved or anything. People are paying for this game. Blizzard need to enact free realm transfer to lower pop realms NOW.

Not later, not monitor the situation, the situation has been terrible for a week.
None of the changes or added realms have relieved the queue times on Gehennas. Gehennas was one of the added servers to join and now it’s crazy queue time.

Free realm transfers, we know they can add them now and we know its possible.
The worse thing is, at this point I’d pay for one, but it’s not available yet.

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People are paying for World of Warcraft Retail, with Classic provided for free. As the developers have said, Character Transfer/Other paid services may eventually come. This isn’t a CS issue as they have no influence nor can they forward this.

Character Transfer Classic


Many People like me paying only for classic because that shi*t calling BFA IS not WOW anymore… Its only called WOW, but with the former game it hasnt anything to do… So from bussiness point of view There IS should be decreasing of monthly fee or add free game time… Because if i have wait almost 6 hours in a queue i have to recieve something more than felling from 15 years old game…

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