No (Classic only?) servers are currently available. (BLZ51934200)

EDIT: No servers available (BLZ51934200)

DDOS attack apparently?

Is it only Classic Servers that are down? Or is this guy trolling?

yes only classic, retail garbage works like a charm

mabye i need to delete my wtf folder…

A mate of mine is online on the Zandalar Tribe RPPVP Classic Server currently, can’t be sure yet if it’s Classic servers only.

your mate must be logged in for a few hours now. still can’t get in

maybe i’m a bit to harsh for this indie developer

If you’re able to logg onto Retail servers currently and not onto Classic servers, I guess that would be peculiar.

very peculiar indeed

I don’t have Retail installed so I can’t tell but I made a topic regarding (Classic) servers being offline and stumbled upon this topic.

Gonna watch some star trek in the meantime I guess, curious how things wil develop however, will check back in later tonight and tomorrow.

Edit: 22:00 - Able to log in again

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