No connected flight paths to the shadow vault (icecrown)

Even though I have all fps in northrend. Is it a bug or am i missing something. thanks in advance.

Definitely a bug.

Bug. There’s a lot of flight path bugs. It kinda sucks.

Same, can’t even open a ticket in game as it just directs you to here…

Yep, same issue here, Can’t fly to/from that location… and it’s quite an old issue now…

You need to finnish quest line at argent vanguard to get the FP to shadow vault

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It’s not about missing a connection. We HAVE done the Argent Vanguard chain and opened Crusader’s Pinnacle. (at least I have, I assume others too.) Got every other flight point in Northrend as well. Shadow Vault’s flight master still says there are no connections.

I wonder if this only happens to people who opened Shadow Vault BEFORE Crusader’s Pinnacle. (which is what I always do, since the Ebon Blade rep is the first one I want asap).
Maybe we have to wait until TOC patch to get the Argent Tournament connection before we can use that flight path (if ever). I seriously doubt there are plans to fix it any time soon.

They forgot to add the FP on the flying ship, thats why.

Well I am pleased to be proven wrong. A guildie who had the same problem just whispered to tell me it’s fixed for him, so I checked and what do you know, Shadow Vault is on the flight routes map. (That’s on Nethergarde Keep, idk how things are on other servers). Sheesh :slight_smile: finally!

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