No deplete Keys

What if we had no depleted keys?


  • Less frustration caused by leavers
  • More chances to time a key with non-meta classes. Right now, it’s hard to find a group without upgrading your keys. Leveling up a key is more difficult for non-meta classes than for meta classes.
  • Less frustration from failing


  • The more you play, the more chances you have to time a key, potentially creating an impossible run that can’t be completed unless you have a million tries
  • No penalties if you fail a key by time; perhaps we need to redesign this aspect

I haven’t thought about every possibility, but I feel like people would be less frustrated in PUGs

Leads to more people failing upwards / being deposited with keys / at ranges they aren’t ready for yet or aren’t able to complete.


just do like legion key wont lvl down but you wont get loot out thet key

If you dont remember - in Legion, grey keys (keys that was depleted) was dead keys.

Avoided like the plague.

People got stuck with grey keys and that was their life now. An actual dead key in their bags.

It was a lot worse than it is now. Also, remember - I am a warrior, I aint having problems getting into keys. So neither do you
and if you do, keys depleting isn’t the issue here

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