No DH and DK nerfs this week?

Where are this weeks balances?

When SoD launches this week I’m out of this sh** show of a game called Dragonflight.

Where are the nerfs to Unholy DK and Demon Hunter??

You couldn’t wait to nerf MM which was no way near as good as the above two specs.

I cannot understand it either. No sense…the data speak for itself.

Dh and dk are played alot because they are fun to play not because they are op kappa

Dh and udk are played a lot because they are OP, people wouldnt play it otherwise. Especielly DH has like 400% more rep than they had last season. 400%!

Blizz has to take those buffs from DH and give it to all 3 hunter specs. Its our turn to shine for some weeks.

But I want stupid assa nerfed first of all specs. No skills put bleeds, vanish, watch people die.

Edit: Udk dmg is good but if it gets nerfed they will struggle more against other melees mostly against warr. Id say let them have dmg but remove away their 3x grips. Remove grip altogether. Casters wont be oppressed against DK more. This way uDK they are more balanced vs casters/melees

He said kappa.

God no. Bm is broken already and mm was shining enough last season.


Real question is why would someone play hunter while they have option to play more badas classes with good backstory dh,dk,pala.
Hunt is literaly out of WoW

Fun is subjective fotming is not.

His sarcasm l i t e r a l l y came and slapped you in the face and you still didn’t get it :man_facepalming:

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