No Frost DK Buffs wednesday?

Can we please for the love of God have the following…

Cleaving Strikes
Obliterate strikes 2 additional targets whilst Remorseless Winter is active

Shatter Blade redesigned
Obliterate causes your next Frost Strike to deal 33.33% increase damage, stacking 3 times. Frost Strike can consume 3 Stacks.

Ice Bound Aura (New pvp Talent)
Ice Bound Fortitude becomes passive but at reduced effectiveness. Reduce all damage taken by 20% and reduces the duration of all stun effects by 30% but Ice Bound can no longer be activated.


Those ideas are pretty good.

I like the shattered blade idea because consuming razorice is just not very nice, also if many abilities can give razorice, they should so something about this enchant for it to be worth using.

Cleaving strikes from remorseless winter is just better, but they should probably decrease the effectiveness of it a bit, since remorseless has way higher uptime.

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Obliterate need 25%buff
Frost Strike 100%buff (death coil hits harder than frost strike)
Revert ERW nerf for frost spec.


I like these proposals.

+1 from me

Frost DK doesn’t need buffs lmao mate unless you’re talking about viability in raids. If you’re having problems in M+ as frost you are 100% doing it wrong.

they can be buffed at least in pvp

This is for PvP.

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