No gonna talk about Frost mage?

Of all the things to complain about…

Watching a 2k+ guy one shotting poor 1-1.5k players is kind off logical…

Just like Trick2g smurfs at LoL in Gold to make his youtube video’s, at his main’s ELO it don’t work like that…

i killed a frost mage on my low geared fury last night reflected his glacial


Feels so good once you power up Arcane mage fo 20 seconds, to then get your Arcane barrage reflected onto you :rofl:


:man_mage: :magic_wand:

i dont rly care if its good or bad, this is not complaint of mage just leaving this related the mage convo, looks fun

the whole eu fotm concept compare to na is bit meh anyway

if some enjoy rolling next fotm each week thats also cool i guess if they rly enjoy it and have no other reasons to play classes on mmorpg but i think its kinda lame and shame if it comes only to this in eu constant

ppl always diss NA but theyre playing game there for fun while EU is trying replicate something they dont like or care so much but saw it good in awc :smile:

so which makes more sense, ik what makes for me

JitchMones is lame.

You taking drugs or something? All 3 specs are at the bottom what do you need to delete them??

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