No honor flush/no daily honor for 2 days

After monday the honor didnt reset. On Tuesday everone was showing like had killed them for day with diminished returns and the honor was stacking together with Monday’s. After the honor reset today after it looks like all my honor from Tuesday and today has been deleted and my RP hasn’t updated for the week.

This is happening only to alliance members of Gandling. Every single other server and even the horde on Gandling had their honor/rp calculated.

What is going on

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Yep - honour has now updated for the week for a lot of people, ranks and RP updated, except Monday honour has been completely deleted.

All honour that was farmed Monday for everyone has been removed entirely and honour for the week and ranks updated are completely screwed because of it - only on Gandling, Blizzard please fix and update Monday, trash indy company.

My honour was also deleted between 7 and 8 AM this morning, it didn’t even carry over, it literally just got deleted, missing between 10-17k

lost 20k because no update monday, pushing me out of BR2 and losing my rp to go with it. not impressed

Im just not impressed, thats all.

update: rp calculated ONLY 12 HOURS LATER. still missing all honor from monday

Please fix the Honor of last week on Gandling. Same problem

Now i lost whole wednesday honor ??? wtf is going on… i did AV all day around 150k honor and relogged after to update my rank from last week… so does that mean ALL that honor is lost now?

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