No longer earning Drake crests at 52/90 Weekly cap

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but while in the middle of farming drake crests on my 2nd character i suddenly stopped earning any crests from any source.
I initially figured i was just unlucky but after another 10ish flowers and 1 rare i still didn’t get any.
is there something i’m missing? i’m not even near the cap on drakes/whelplings.

Ever since they did the hotfix i havn’t got much from the seeds. Most give me 5 rep and that’s it, no mats, no crests, just nothing. I’m convinced they broke something or nerfed more than just rep.

Today i was able to get another 15, but after hitting 77/90 weekly cap i stopped getting anything again, quite frustrating i’m unable to cap.

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