No More Greens 6/9M - LF Ranged DPS to push CE

“No More Greens” is a semi-hardcore guild on Twisting Nether

Raid Times:

Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Server Time
Thursday: 20:00-23:00 Server Time

What does No More Greens offer you?

  1. We operate as a Semi-hardcore guild in terms of preparation
  2. Pushing content efficiently
  3. Raid times and scheduling are known well in advance
  4. Active community outside of raid. (active discord, running high level keys and PvP)
  5. No required alts

What’s our guild’s goal during the season 10.2?

We want to push progression much as possible and if will happen, we would gladly get the CE aswell while having a decent community

For more information, add the following Battle Tags:

Hope to speak to you soon!

Still in high demand are a stable and skilled Main Tank and 3 Healers to add to our Raid roster. Currently open to any class in those roles. DPS always in high demand, of course.

Currently looking for

1x Tank
1x Healer and few more dps!

We are still in need of:

1 Tank
1 More Healer
DPS ranged or melee

Tank slot are full!

Looking for 1 healer and DPS RANGED/Melee!

Join us

We are still looking for
1 healer

We are looking for:

Last Healer and Few DPS

After that roster is full for HC and Mythic Raiding.

We are also working on organizing Mythic + groups so that everyone can do weekly at minimun +16 and have people to play with.

Join us

We still need
1 more Healer
Few DPS Melee or Ranged

If you are looking for an active guild for Raiding, Mythic + and also PVP, we are the right one. Yesterday we did our first HC guild’s raid ending up 9/9HC.

Currently recruiting our lasts DPS and Healer to move into mythic when possible.

Give us a chance !

We still need
1 more Healer
Few DPS Melee & Ranged

Still looking for an healer and DPS!

9/9HC making the roster to start also Mythic =) ^^

We are still in need of a Healer and few more DPS

Join us so we could start Mythic progression together ! No prior mythic progression is need.

Up, up, up!

Still looking for some roles to fill the group!

We are doing Raids, Mythic Plus and PVP (RBG), join us! =)

We are still looking for

  • DPS ranged & melee
  • Healer preferably a priest

Currently we are 15 members in the roster

We are looking for the last 5 players to have a full roster for Mythic

Still in need of Healer and DPS, join us!

We are still looking to fill out our last few spots, join us now
We still need HEALER and few more DPS

hey hey hey!

Still looking for 1 Healer (pref if Priest/Evo/Druid/Monk)

Still looking for 3 more dps! (1 Monk (unless we get an healer) and the other 2 are fine whatever you enjoy)

We also run keys on daily basis 16+ and higher keys

Add me on battlenet for more infos, we are 16 members at the moment.

Only last few spots are left, join us today

We still need a Healer and few more DPS

Still looking for some DPS and 1 healer to join our group!

We are still in need of a Healer & few more DPS, join us !