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3 friends are lf a new guild.
We are : fire mage 217ilvl, resto druid 220 ilvl and a resto shaman 225ilvl
We are none toxic, none raging down to earth mature people who want to raid 1/2 nights a week on mythic.
Our progress aotc and 2/10M.
We are willing to transfer to a decent server.
feel free to contact fillheat#2445

Heya, added you in game for a chat, but there’s more details about us below:


We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you more.

Please see our post and let us know if it interests you.

Hi! We’re an alliance guild located on Ravencrest, looking for more members to fill our roster for mythic raiding. We are currently 2/10 Mythic.

Hi there

Check us out and let me know should this interest you.

Hope to hear from you soon