No new city for Night elves - Bel'Ameth the Capital village

imagine thinking of comparing darnasus to something like suramar :stuck_out_tongue: night elves fans really are special

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I tend to return the favour


I believe it will be mix of Suramar and Quel’thalas, as our Kingdoms have softly united.

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Feel like I need to point out I am a night elf fan?? :joy: They just can’t be Paladins. Yet

Yes, this is what genocide means. This is what Sylvanas did to you.

Hopefully in some expansion’s time the night elves will rebuild.

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During the invasion of Northrend, the alliance had built fortifications that would take us decades in weeks. It’s not the real world. Magic exists. The Gilneas wall was built within a few months to protect them from the horde and isolate them from the rest of the world.

This is not our world, and magic exists. The Night elves have already reintegrated the Highborne into their society. They already had a city that embraced both their older heritage dedicated to Elune and their newer Druidic one. Unless Elune has diminished in their society, which I doubt considering the new cutscene, we should have a mix of both to represent both arms of their society and their role.

I feel that Midnight Metzen will crush what’s left of the Night Elven lore and Culture to reunify the “ELVEN TRIBES” like they ever needed to be. Separate nation-states of people are not tribes. This is like someone stating they must reunify the Celtic Tribes even though Scotland, Ireland and Wales already exist. I am not an older WoW player and don’t care about the man; he’s just another developer, and it was he who started the lore down this path until BFA.

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A small section of the dragon isle is still bigger then most non DF zones tbh
But yes the closing of the nelf story feels like a side note to the general Dragonflight narrative already ongoing, like a footnote in the story about dragons and even then is more dragon centric then nelf centric

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In their defence. The night elves clearly prefer wood.

It looks a bit too simple for my taste.

Work in progress and all that, but still…

I thought they would have made it more vertical in design. Something mystical that was up in the trees. You know, a bit like Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings.

This is more like…yeah…a village. Just some buildings placed around in a cleared area, in close vicinity of each other.

It lacks the uniqueness that makes it THE place of the Night Elves. This looks more like a place like any other.

Needs a temple to Elune and some moonwells also…

Eh, like much of Dragonflight, it gives off the vibe of a minimum viable product. Blizzard don’t go for the big effort to flex their muscles, but rather aim for the least resources needed to be spent.

What really bothers me though, is the hindsight.
If Blizzard knew the tree would bloom at the end of Dragonflight and that the Night Elves would settle near it, why on earth did they make the Onh’ahran Plains look like Centaur land?!
If they had made that zone look like a variation of Ashenvale or Felwood or something else that was reminiscent of the Kalimdor forest zones or Val’sharah with a strong focus on the green dragons and not World of Centaurs, then this would have vibed a lot better. Now it just looks like an out-of-place village in a zone that doesn’t have much to do with the Night Elves.
Stupid Centaur. Piss off!!


Though, least for dragonblight a part of those fortifications was from when Arthas chased Mal’Ganis.

Is not really the fact that there aren’t stone buildings. It’s yet again the lack of effort. You can create the most remarkable wooden pieces of art when it comes to architecture. Especially in fantasy worlds. They pretty much just copy pasted again. Nothing innovative, nothing half as dedicated as the efforts in ruining what was. The spiteful comments in this thread to me reflect the basic face of devs rn. Nothing more to add.

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Almost half a dozen zones are filled with castles, docks, barricades, and other such infrastructure that would take us decades to make. It is relatively easy when you can teleport everything. Even the restoration of older fortifications would take years and millions to billions. The alliance does it overnight because it is not the real world, and logistics aren’t the same, nor are timescales because it wouldn’t work and be fun if you heard the King of Stormwind Varian say we would like to go to Northrend or any other continent and say it will take us 5-10 years to get an essential fortified position, considering it took humans of the same time period 60-120 years to build a cathedral.

Yeah, I mean, it does give off the vibe that Blizzard could have allocated 10 developers to make something new and unique, but instead chose to settle for 2 developers tasked with copy/pasting some existing Night Elf buildings into the flat surroundings.

Work complete!


you can build almost anything with magic in lore but that requires the night elves to you know have magic :stuck_out_tongue: rather then a handful of highborne that joined them in cata most of which arent even full fledge mages

Look at it it’s not that bad. It looks like a start. Add one of them Elune temples made of stone, properly done like that section from the Tomb of Sargares. Add a few moonwells. Maybe a few towers and it’s starting to look like a proper settlement.

Yes, it’s not like there is an entire world of mages, and they are part of an alliance filled with mages and are now neighbours with the blue flight, which represents magic. Orgrimmar isn’t a mud hut. Why? Because Goblins designed it, and yes, they have already reintegrated the Highborne into their society and are still filled with people over 10,000+ years old, they can still do it.


age means very little in wow you can be 1000000 years old and spend it doing nothing at all

if anything wow has taught us being long lived is actually a negative since this people waste centuries doing nothing while the shorter lived races excel

humans for example dont have 10000 years to screw around with magic so they are generally the better casters well being titan born most likely helps too

age is actually a hiderence if you lack the drive to accomplish anything many immortals in fiction are bored out of their skulls

…A lamp in the corner, some flowers on the table and a nice rug in the middle, and this cockroach infested one-room basement apartment with asbestos can look really cozy! It’s a start!


That’s the spirit. Anyway, I’m willing to bet this isn’t all of it. No way.

Do you realise they aren’t naturally longer lived, right? They are due to magic. They don’t experience time differently. They halt the progression or slow the effect it has on them down. This happened even when Arcane was the centre of their civilisation, and no human civilisation has even come close to what the Elves have achieved. Even the lowest of elves, the Blood Elves, have a more impressive capital, society and culture than the shorter-lived races. That goes for the Dreanai, who invented space travel, as well.