No option to post in 9.1.5 test PTR

I can see a number of people have opinions (shown in General Discussion) based upon different elements within the post below:

I wanted to create a topic specific to the class spec changes being made, as balance druids are not due to have starfall put back to it’s initial non-cool down form. This was put in to cap our ability to use this despite it already being gaited behind astral power and having to attack the enemy for starfall to have effect.

When I went to “+ New Topic” no box appeared to allow me to create the topic. I am unsure if this is working as intended or if you intend for players to use the “General Discussion” topic rather than “In Development” or specifically “9.1.5 PTR Testing”

Would be helpful that we can file these matters under the correct section.

I would imagine it will go live when the PTR does.


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