No Quarter (H) want you!


Do you spend most of your time AFKing in Dazar’alor or Orgrimmar because you hate Pugs?

Do you try to pug but not get accepted because your RaiderIO score is too low?

Do you play the game by yourself and question why you bother at all?

No Quarter is the place for you then! We are looking for social players to join us and have fun within the game. Be that M+ runs, Old tier raiding, PVP or achievement hunting. We have room for everyone, if it’s your first character or your 50th.

We have an active raid team, but there’s always room for people who wish to join us and show real enthusiasm about having fun whilst progressing at a competitive rate.

So why not come and say hello and feel like a part of a community instead of anody in the capital city!

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