No recrafting Primalist gems

why did blizzard decide to do it this way? there is nothing to do with the junk gems. cant even send them to alts. they just get vendored. really bad system imo

I made a post about this yesterday:

i actually agree when a primalist gem gets crafted at rank 2 i get a long winded whisper askign the following.

can they be recrafted?
why is it not rank3? ur a crappy crafter for not being able to guarantee it (ect, ect) if there was enough skill points i could guarantee it but there isnt so i cant and im not wasting 50 mettle to do so

Same situation as with enchanting, so in order to sell a weapon enchant at profit, you have to use an illustrious insight to craft it. The AH prices usually reflect a roughly 5k premium for it, so that’s what I think you would charge to craft a primalist Q3 gem as well.

Right now though, Q3 Wafting Devotion is only 6k with materials (pre-resourcefulness) costing 3.5k, so there’s some indication that the value of mettle/insights might be coming down a bit.

Q2 Wafting is 1k, so not using insight and with 35% inspiration, it’s not really worth making as 3 of them would cost over 10k to make with an expected AH value of only 8k minus AH cut. Q2 is a really good deal for buyers.

It all boils down to what customers are willing to pay for the mettle.

No. The way to make profit selling Weapon Enchants is not using Insights.

It’s Stacking Inspiration, being a Blood Elf for +5 enchanting skill, and ensuring you have all Resourcefulness Talents.

When I am fully Buffed with Elemental Shatter (that’s +25 skill) and with all Inspiration Buffs, I have a 53.72% chance of Inspiring a Rank 3 Enchant.

You then need to craft alot of them. I mean Hundreds or thousands. Depending on how busy the market is that they time, you probably need about 40% to proc to break even. (because we know how 53.72% works in WoW). Sometimes you’ll get alot more, sometimes alot less. But it usually works out. And don’t forget the extra crafts you get from all the resourcefulness you get.

I made 500k doing this yesterday.

Other things you can do is monitor the market to see when Mats are cheap and buy up in advance. Unfortunately, when they announced 10.1 last week the prices shot up.

Here is an example of how you should spend your Knowledge points:

However, if you’re not looking to make alot of gold, and don’t mind being limited by how many insights you can craft (or don’t have other uses for insights). Then you by all means can do it that way.

The blood elf (and probably Draenei for JC) situation is something that Blizzard needs to look at. I thought it didn’t affect weapon Devotions, but I’m well aware of what it does to many other enchants. Other races simply can not compete.

I have about 7500 mettle + some insights. It’s easier for me to just craft enchants when they are expensive and I know I can get around 5k per insight using resourcefulness. I really don’t need all that much gold, but I guess if maximum gold is what you play for, you may need to craft more and not be limited by mettle.

My skill for devotions is 377 / 425. Elemental shatter gives +25, so that puts me at 402. 5% of 425 is 21.25, which means that without insight, I max out at 423.25 and fail to reach Q3. Blood elf would be 407, but they only go up to 428.25, which is gives a ~10% chance for non-inspiration Q3. It still seems like a thin margin, but maybe it works. The resulting Q2 enchants may be difficult to sell though.

Yes, it does seem a little counter productive in the new Professions systems.

It basically means that it’s pointless prospecting as any other Race other than Draenei. As a Draenei will always be able to do it cheaper than anyone else.

Whilst the same is true for Nightborne and Inscription.

My Blood elf can get it’s Devotion skill upto 407/425. Craftsim says the Inspiration Chance is about 53.72%. However, RNG is RNG. I’ve crafted 100 and gotten 40 rank 3,s whilst I have also crafted another 100 and gotten 65 rank 3s.

Believe it or not the Rank 2 Enchants sell just as well as the Rank 3 Enchants, and usually just make up for the loss if you suffer from some bad RNG (below 50%).

Obviously you have to do your calculations and workout whether it’s going to be profitable, or even break even if you suffer bad RNG.

I find the Region-wide AH usually balances itself out quickly. So if some clown drop the price of an item, either someone will quickly buy them out, or the price of the Materials will drop down to match the new market value.

Yeh, if that’s what works for you, then that’s perfect.

My Enchanter also has a Tailor, so it’s more important that I save my Mettle for Tailoring than anything else.

But if you’re just after making a little more Gold each week. Then using those Insights and stacking resourcefulness is probably a fair way to do it.

The intent for profession racials was probably just to make it easier to level up professions. Now they just make/break profitability. I guess the solution would be to change racials so that they don’t contribute to total skill points (just the 0-100 skill range required to perform a craft at all).

I think a big problem is the Region-wide AH. I think it was a big change to the game than the new Profession talents system. And overall has been the biggest negative Dragonflight has brought.

I think the region-wide AH also means materials are easy to obtain and affordable on small realms, so I also see a lot of positives.

Tailored BoE item prices are often quite high on the Khadgar/Bloodhoof AH (low pop realm) because there’s not much of a market, so if you want to sell something, you have to post it high and repeat until it sells (the uncertainty of selling & deposit costs raise prices). I think if materials were not region-wide, smaller realms would have players pumping up prices. I also see that happening for caged pets & other items that are local to the realm.

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But unfortunately it has made the Consumable market near non-profitable.

It has killed Alchemy and Cooking.

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