"No servers are currently available (BLZ51934200)"

Server restart? No indications in Battle[dot]net app or CS twitter feed.
We were just logging in, and both got DC’ed then just get the message in the title.

  • update - connecting in, all realms ‘offline’. We guess it’s a restart then.
    PS. using Battle[dot]net app with an actual dot results in the post being rejected for being a link…nice own goal there dudes.

Why don’t you relax a bit.


Same issue logged in and no servers showing in list and nothing saying anything about restarts time down etc


It would seem that its the Whole list of EU servers. Noticed nothing on the Twitter CS feed about it either.

Same here. All servers offline, nothing on Twitter.

Quite unusual that we aren’t seeing a reason for it, but I can confirm that we DID get a “Server Shutdown in 10 minutes” message while being online.

15-minutes in game notice was given before shutdown, but usually these were just quick restarts. It’s been like 10 minutes since they’re down.

Thought that might be the case - there was what appeared to be a small update too. Hotfixing I guess. Back online now. And relaxing by playing. :slight_smile:


There was an unscheduled maintenance that took place last night for a few minutes, sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. This was indeed announced in-game as Sodone mentioned. The realms are all back up and running now though! :slight_smile:.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Still down I guess, cant log in to any server

If you are getting incompatible then update the game, otherwise the error will help with any problem you might have.

The servers are not down.

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What happens when you try to login, does it provide you with an error message? Go through the steps to repair the game files and try againa fterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

bye bye vessels again :frowning:


You should start a new thread instead of necroing one from last year.

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There is no “relax” in a situtation like this :smile:

Breaking News: High Latency / Disconnections - DDoS Attacks

looks like a ddos attack some salty nerd mad about shadowlands or what?

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I have the same problem atm when trying to log in :frowning:

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:rage: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Same here, [“No servers are currently available (BLZ51934200)”].

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