No servers are currently available

I have the issue saying ‘No servers are currently available’. No scheduled maintenance, any news when we can log back in?


Same, I can’t log in it gives the error BLZ51934200.

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Yeah, I have the same problem here.

Im getting the same issue

I have the issue saying ‘No servers are currently available’.

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Damn, I was gonna get rank 14 by Wednesday (currently rank 9), but this downtime screws me up. Hoping for a compensation…


Same ‘No servers are currently available’

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Same here BLZ51934200 error message. Played 1 hour ago now i cant get ingame, sigh !!!

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Im getting the same issue

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Thanks for the heads up, we’re taking a look into that currently.


Yes, i have these issue 2 was not sure if i should post in old forum treath with older post from difrent dates or a currently dates one i seen both post quite active add moment "No servers are currently available (BLZ51934200)"

Update 9:47: working for me again! :slight_smile: chat was a bit slow on logon but hopefully that will sort itself out a bit more in a bit :stuck_out_tongue: seems already better now then earlyer.

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jupp same here as well

same here as well.BLZ51934200.

thank god its happening to other people and not just me


It’s not just WoW. StarCraft 2 is also unavailable for login.

WC3 Reforged seems to work fine. Haven’t started a game, but i can view a list of games.

yep same any idea when it will be back online

Same issue here too

Same troubles here too

Same issue here, I even tried restarting app as another thread from nov-19 suggested.

It’s insta-out, that is, the game doesn’t even try to search if there are servers alive. As soon as the password is validated, it presents the “No servers” error (twice was on login queue an as soon as my pos. got to zero, got the error)

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Same issue here. Battle net having issues loading my friends list and when I login in it gets to login into my realms and fails with No Server available