No vault x 2

Did my first heroic raids on two chars week beginning 3/4/24, nothing in my vault for either, as if I haven’t completed at all.

How do I resolve this issue?

Sometimes relogging can help, it may take several attempts.

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Thanks for this. Didn’t log out or get disconnected with the Vault open, and I can see the rewards from dungeons, just not the rewards from raids.

Good to know it may take several attempts. Thanks for taking the time to reply and link.

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This probably means you’re looking at unclaimed rewards from a previous week.

Once you select something there and close and re-open the vault, you should see rewards matching the most recent reset (or whatever is next in line until you’re caught up).

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I have the same issue. I did a TW dungeon last week on all my level 70 chars (10?) but none has a Vault Entry this week. I only did the TW dungeon for the vault reward…