#nochanges? that's a joke now


Why don’t you mention the bugs so they can be fixed ?


I have, however, only US have the forum called Wow classic bugs, we don’t for some reason :slight_smile:


Did you only report them ingame ? Because a lot of stuff was wrong on private server and maybe it would be good to talk about some here in the forum. For example since you already made the thread. Why not discuss a few , outsite of the infernal . :slight_smile:


Bugged in classic, plenty other bugs I’ve seen, I have reported in game, so if u want the entire list sure, but sure you’re just being a cocky guy anyway, so not sure if I even wanna waste time on you xD but here is 1 for starter

Does not work in current classic “AT ALL”


Keep them coming , so they can be fixed :slight_smile:

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We report bugs in game. The reports go directly to the right people.

World of Warcraft

Before You Report

Try checking WoWHead for any skill, quest, item, or NPC involved in the problem, and check the top-rated comments. You may find helpful instructions from other players about the issue, along with potential solutions/workarounds to known issues.

In-Game Bug Report

Bug reports can also be filed in-game in World of Warcraft®. Reports submitted in this fashion will not receive a response. Instead, they’ll be directed to the teams responsible for addressing them.

To report a bug in-game:

  1. Click Help to open the Customer Support window.
  2. Click Submit Bug .
  3. Enter the details of the bug, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  4. Click Submit .

Restoration Requests

If a loss of in-game property occurred in World of Warcraft as the result of the bug you are reporting, please submit a ticket to request restoration. While every effort will be made to verify and correct any loss experienced, restoration cannot be guaranteed.

Quoted from

There is also a ‘Not a Bug List’ that is worth checking before submitting any reports


I had the same issue with the outhouse today…
Eventually a layerchange solved it, but it was quite frustrating…


i have to disagree with you, reporting ingame does nothing and i don’t believe blizzard care enough to fix anything unless there is a public uproar. There are serious issues with rogues that have been reported ingame since the demo, even the energy regen is still wrong.

so this report bug feature is just sending the reports right into the trashcan.


I have to admit I didn’t think it was tested thoroughly before release. It did look to be more of a promotion than actual testing.

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Problem is that people expect a bug be fixed “tomorrow”. This is a massive game and game developers do not work in chaos, where an intern checks bug list and next guy immediately goes to edit code.

it does NOT work this way.


Its issues that have been reported consitantly since the blizzcon DEMO… how the hell did you turn that into “tomorrow” ?


Member TBC bugged orc shoulder… took 6 months to fix it…


I watched the video and it looked right and it says it’s classic? This isn’t working the same as the video for other people?

You get the outhouse key, unlock it, farmer comes out, you kill him to get his key. As per the video.

Then you go into the house and unlock the cabinet upstairs, which isn’t in the video.

ETA also not in the video, is the first step, which is reading her diary in the barn.

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I do not work in Blizzard to analyse its team and pipeline, but if we look how people expect things to be fixed in next patch without knowing anything about Blizzard or game code, or whatever budgets and innerworkings - I think I should start sending smart people to Blizzard Job Offerings page as everyone is an expert on forums.

No, it is not aimed at you - but in forums in general, where people act as if Blizzard are so stupid that its lucky they have even made a game.


Blizzard doesn’t give a fck if something doesn’t gain massive negative attention, reporting in game most likely does absolutely nothing.
Putting this on this thread also:

I reported these through a bug report AND a ticket where I was told to go on the US.FORUMS and post there.


Well they didn’t do any beta testing above 40 aside from AV so I’m not surprised.

Why do people here feel so insecure?
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I realise it can feel like you’re throwing a report down a bottomless pit but it goes to the right people. Not everything a person thinks is a bug, is a bug either and not everything can be fixed instantly with a wave of a magic wand.

I’m not sure why you think it’s better in a forum format when they rarely get responses like on the US forum.


this quest dont work for me ( read the book , drop key, just cant use outhouse) i opened ticket and gm say. Translator from polish "Thanks for contacting us.

I’m afraid we can’t help when it comes to problems with tasks in Classic, because players should do everything themselves.

However, I can assure you that everything works correctly in this task, only to use the key you must have this task first.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us again.

Best regards and have a nice day!"

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A GM can’t help you with bugs.

I think people are impatient with bug reports. I know it feels empty reporting and not hearing back and then fixes take a long time. However I remember back in WotLK I had a bug which affected only some of the playerbase and it wasn’t something they could fix until near the end of expansion. Other things are easy to resolve and they can do them fast.