Noggenfogger is full... of hordies

800 people queue at the moment.
Blizzard, there are <30% of alliance on that server, just make separate queue for hordies, so on rush hour they will suffer queues, maybe even migrate to servers with backward balance situation. That way you may fix freaking balance, when shreks are overwhelming.


They can be 30% but they are the same bad **** like every realm. :smiley:
Absolutely rats in 1v1,10v10,40v40 even 2v1,but absolute beasts when they are 10 vs 2.

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You love to play 1000 vs 2?
Enjoy your queues then, and enjoy your future Bg queues as well (and instant queue for us)

And yet its always allys that gank me 1v10 and i mostly get like 8 or 10 of them

If you claim to kill 8 out of 10 alliance players that ganks you you are :

  1. either highly delusional and you live in your own little world full of imaginary friends and stuff (you should seek help for that, big long walk outside helps they say).
  2. You were ganking 10 vs1 (most likely) alliance but your other personality tought it was the opposite (as above, you should seek help)
  3. A massive blatant liar that says a lot of BS just to boast himself and defend his behaviuor in game.
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How can so many people fit in a potion

https ://

No??? Im not braindead!!! So mean of u to say that little gnome this is why I always win pvp its always 10 little gnomes try kill me i kick 1 get 3 in collateral dmg u fly away to dranei planet and get pwned by my cousins on that planet and then its 6 left just howl of terror and soul fire every1 of u insta one shot epic warlock pvp its what it is thats why even if u try to outnumber me like u allys on noggenfogger u will never win vs me

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