Noggenfogger puns


How do people feel about them? Some of the horde guilds have blatantly racist guild guild names. I’m not some sjw on a crusade, but I think the server name will attract a twitch chat mentality among a large part of the player base.


Very few of the Horde guild names are racist. Many of them are pretty innocuous puns, and especially on the Horde, people are uniting around the common identity of being a “nogga” or a “nogger” because of the realm name.

One message I saw was “we might be white, black, muslim or christian, gay or straight, but at the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of noggers,” and this seems to be the standard sentiment.

The only questionable guild name I have seen was Noggers Stole My Bike, and I do think guilds with such explicitly questionable names should be renamed. But West Side Noggers getting renamed I think was really pushing it, as they’re basically soft RPing as gangsters.

The West Side vs East Side saga was basically just two guilds RPing as Crips and Bloods, and it was hilarious and endearing. None of them ever said anything racist and they were just having nerdy stupid fun, at the expense of no one else.

The more people freak out about something as silly and innocuous as this, the higher the risk runs of the server getting shut down or renamed, which will lead to the server community getting demolished, a server community that is actually quite social and united right now.

Stop making a big deal out of something harmless and stop seeing racism where there is none. Go play the game and have some fun.


Some of them are more innocent than others, but you cant deny that guilds like “sand noggers” and “nogga please” arent racials slur puns.


I dont see how you get nogger from noggen without having intentions of a racial slur.
I can only interpret the word noggenfogger as a description of something that clouds your mind.


I dont see whats the problem with this in europe.well in france or sweden maybe it is offensive,but other eu countries?joke


You should all come taste my salty stick then.