Noob looking for companion


Hi there, I’m kind of noob even if I’m playing years and years just doing quests and walking the whole map all over again all alone XD.

These past days I started to realize that people actually have fun on this game doing more things than just questing and with friends and I kind of wanted it to experience it too, playing for a deeper purpose.

So, I had a Troll Druid (Sylvanas) who I made her 110+ lvl but I think I’ve destroyed her in my way to understand her (I’ve never understand it yet). So I made yesterday a new champion on another server (Silvermoon) as Troll Warlock now I’m lvl 7 and I’m so fcking bored to lvl up with the same quests all over again… At least with companion will be more fun…

I’m a chill person, 26yo, I’m Greek who lives in Germany and I’m speaking fluently greek/english. Feel free to contact me and want spend time time lvl up with me.

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Hey there :slight_smile:

It’s great that you’re looking for people to play with. Why not take a look at this thread: Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)