Nordrassil Classic Server choices

Heya folks , Greywind here. With Classic landing at the end of the month I figured it might be wise to make a thread so people can shout out to thier old pals where they intend to plant roots . If any Horde Empire folks want to poke me for mana refills or my Alliance gnome buds want to BBQ me , I’m rolling Horde over on Shazzrah (PVP) . Otherwise for chilling out I’ll be on Mirage Raceway (PVE)

That’s all from me , see you in classic!

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Oh my gosh Greywind! Its Shannon, I was just talking the other day about when we were raiding Naxx and during the spider fight you hopped on the spectral tiger rocking mount thing and your UI had removed the button which let you dismount and you caused us to wipe, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at the game :joy:

I just reserved names on Shazzrah too, but unfortunately Shannon was taken so from now on I shall be known as Solarian!

Let me know what your plans are! What’s your!

Oh my god, I remember that XD I had such a telling off getting stuck on that damn cat ! I’m gonna be a Shaman called Greywater and a Druid named Hawkwind on Shazzrah and do mostly world pvp, bg’s and dungeons . For chilling out on Mirage Raceway I have a Paladin called Gwynavere ready . ( I was on wrong character in above post :stuck_out_tongue: )

The biggest chunk of Nordrassil members like Ed, myself etc. will be rolling on Gehennas Alliance side.

We are at like 50+ old Nord members ranging from Vanilla to Legion.

Tekk here. I couldn’t grab Tekk on Shazzrah, so named it Munchers

I’ll try getting a hold of Lawmanus, Wusch, Jingst, and Darigazz

Hey! How are you guys organising this? I’d love to join up (Shannon from Vanilla times!)

Awesome, you should have a request from Deganstar!

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