Normal BG queue times

So i just got into the EU servers, transfered from the Americas.

I dont know if its an issue of not being enough pvp players, the SOD, or a bug.

But what is it going on with Random, normal BGs ?, it takes ages to get in. In Americas i used to get in around 7 minutes.

Why is it now so horrible ?

You can transfer from us to eu?!

no i wish, i did a new account

Ah ok.
How long is your queue? Mines usually not much more than 5. Might be longer on your server though?

Server shouldnt matter since cross realms. The queue estimate says 5 for epic bg, 8 for blitz.

But usually end up waiting 20 mins

What time do you play? Because EU and US have a fair amount of time difference, what might be daytime to you can be dead night hours in EU, assuming you’re in the US ofc.

im on Italy, i usually play at nights.

Well, aside from weekends night time in EU is rather dead, no use sugarcoating it. Folks gotta sleep before work and stuff. Usually takes me like 5-10 minutes at best during prime time to get a random normal bg (6:00 - 8:00 PM, give or take)

i guess in America it was earlier thats why i was getting games …

Whats sleep ?


I didn’t expect to be outplayed like this good madam/sir, well played

jokes aside, i usually play from about 9 pm to 2 am, CET Time

You telling me i was probably better to have stay in US ?, To be fair i was fed up with basically NOT being able to play on Tuesdays, if it wasnt for that i would have stayed.

I mainly PVP, so i just want a healthy population for Battlegrounds, all forms.

And Arena, all forms.

I dont care for PVE

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Yeah well, Maintenance day is on Tuesday in the US, Wednesday in EU usually between 3:00 - 4:00 AM.
If you are more active during night hours in the EU and you are PvP focused then yeah US region might be a better bet if you can stomach the high latency.

Its around 100 ms. Not that big of a deal. My issue tho is also that RBGs and stuff like that usually people do them when its 3 am my time… Too late…

And with Americas being PDT time… Tuesdays normal maintenance, its like 3 pm to 8 pm EU. Horrible.

And sometimes it can mean that day not playing till 12 am of my wednesday…

Try Horde. We are currently the less popular faction and our queues are typically shorter plus you get bonus honor often. You can try merc mode if you wanna stay Alliance. From 9PM to 2PM you can get into rounds anywhere from instantly to 5 mins on horde.

I think people just enjoy BG blitz more and queue for that, since it’s faster and combat is less spammy/healer centric it’s just easier to grind, regular bgs get very tiring fast when you mostly sit on a point and a bunch of casters and healers just spam AoE at eachother for 10 minutes straight

I have grown to like the Blitz, wasn’t keen at first as it was a bit new and weird but the fact that teams can’t just choose to stack a team full of perfect specs makes it a lot more enjoyable.

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