Normal flying in dragonflight only 310% speed?

You just don’t like mount system with interactive game play :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

GW2 shows clearly why the two types of flying have different speeds(gryphone vs scy scale). Normal flying is stability and precision it doesn’t need more than that. Dynamic flying is speed. That is it.

About ground mounts having interactive system. Dragon riding is an example that the majority of the player base will like it. The minority will prefer the original. Blizzard should just copy and paste the gw2 ground mount system. If the abilities are not used the mount moves with current speed.

Why not? I mean if they approach them as they are going to do with dragonriding/regular flying in TWW, namely toggle between the forms, whats the issue with having more ways to travel. I mean having a ground mount that go up to 1000% speed but you need to avoid obstacles is ok imo.

Also the beetle uses the stamina in a different way. It uses it to speed up faster, while dragonriding/griffon/sky scale use them to stay in the air.
Other mounts in GW2 use it differently as well, raptor uses it for long range jumps, bunny uses itnto jump higher, jackal uses it to blink, manta ray ruses it to hover higher of the ground and dash forward. The stamina bar /vigor can be a very good and diverse resourse if used creatively.


Mmmh… Not completely true.
I don’t like mounts with resource management. It sucks.

I also don’t like ‘race’ type mechanics. I’m playing an MMO. If I wanted to play a racing game, I’d be playing a racing game.

Yeah this old chestnut. “I’m right because I’m with the majority.”
Drop that nonsense.

I STRONGLY disagree. IMO: Nothing about GW2 is better than WoW. Literally nothing.

I don’t agree. Because it will lead to more imbalance within the playerbase.

I simply disagree. I don’t like resource management for mounts. Period.
I’m fine with the ‘feeling’ of flying/soaring/falling etc that dragonriding uses; that feels cool. But everything else about it I don’t like: From the dumb restriction of only using 4 mounts (at launch - and it isn’t much better now; I know, I know they’re working on it) to the stupid resource management that ruined gathering for me to the horrible swirls around the mount and on the screen that gave me massive headaches - thankfully I’ve been able to disable both for a while now. But it was all part of this ‘introduction to this new system’ and it really soured it for me.

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The experience of the players from 3 different MMOs begs to differ with you, about the mounting systems (WoW, FF14, gw2) :relieved:
Chocobo racing is cool.

gw2 does many things better than wow. I will give some examples:

  • Instant teleport network from anywhere
  • region bank (2500 stacks per item)
  • better node shared tags (unlike WoW’s 5 minute duration)
  • scaling (the way WoW does it is just bad)
  • account bound (many more systems than WoW)
  • Action house (much better than wow’s)

There are many more

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That sentence doesn’t even have any meaning. :dracthyr_shrug:

No. YOU think they’re better.
And that’s fine.

I don’t, which I made clear.
Don’t undermine my opinion with trying to pass off your opinion as fact.

You look just like a person for my ignore list! Lovely :grin:
Edit: now I know why you seemed familiar. You did a name change. That is why my block was ignoring you.

Who cares and why does it matter? I mean if it’s a toggle where exactly is the harm in that “imbalance”, people will not stop grouping up with other people just because one camp likes dynamic movement mechanics and the other prefers to eat their cereal with water instead of milk.

People are always crying about balance this balance that and now all of a sudden it doesn’t matter? Come on…

And why do you feel the need to denegrate people who don’t like what you like?
We’re done here.

Way to compare apples to oranges. People cry about when it becomes a barrier to entry, dynamic movement affects you and only you. You will never be kicked from a party or be prevented in entering a specific type of content because of “majority like slow flapping, while you prefer dragon riding (and vice versa)”.

Because I like making jokes.

When you look at gathering and quest mobs and whatnot it becomes an issue.
There’s an imbalance there then.

But only at the expense of people who have another opinion, right?

Also: There’s other types of ‘jokes’ than putting others down. Just a little fyi.

No I make them at my expense as well, just rarely because I am right most of the time.

Not really, gathering is more convenient with regular flying because of the constant mounting and dismounting. Gathering quest mobs with lets say a 1000% ground mount will also be less convenient because 1000% speed is a lot, you will very quickly get out of aggro range with that speed. It’s really a non issue.

Oh no I made a slight joke about people having boring tastes, how will they survive, I need to be put in jail…

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Hah. A joke right there! Good, good.

You don’t see issues. I do.
Let’s just agree to disagree.

We’re never going to agree on this, likely.

Not the point and I’m quite sure you’re aware of that. We’re done now; don’t expect another reply from me regarding these things.
Have a nice day.

based on what? Majority dislike dragon riding but because it is faster they are forced to use it. This game already feels like a job and people do not want to waste time, riding 3-5 times slower regular flying instead of dragon riding.

it’s your opinion. Yet you forget how many people playing WoW vs gw2.

I doubt that tbh, a lot of people seem to enjoy it, and not just because it’s faster. I’m hardly an adrenaline junkie and even I enjoy it very much, it’s a funny way of navigating the world. It’s more engaging than tbc flying. Old flying is far more sedate and calm, which I love as well, don’t get me wrong :wink:

Personally I think it’s fair this way. Old flying solves accessibility issues that dragonriding has, and keeps it calm and steady for those with visual and neurological issues and such. It’s a real choice this way, both modes come with their strengths and weaknesses. Seems properly balanced to me.

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Just because the something is more popular than something else does that make it a better product? WoW has its strengths but it has many short comings too.
WoW’s account bound system took years in the making and gw2 came build in with it since 2012. The same is for the instant teleports. They are much better in gw2 than in WoW. There are some aspects which WoW can learn from other MMOs.

I dont rly care about the speed tbh.
The only reason i prefer normal flying to df flying is that you get to alt tab & watch vids while traveling. Also landing is MUCH easier.

you cant have your cake and eat it too

Kinda true.Can’t reach a rare in time with normal flying anymore.

that’s a lie… where you flying that long distance that you have time to watch a video?

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they nerfing this in Azeroth, which is good. It could go as low as regular flying, so it would be obvious why people used dragon riding, not because it is dynamic but simply just FASTER.

That’s actually the only reason why people using it, FASTER.

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