Normal flying in dragonflight only 310% speed?

How is that fair vs dragonriding which is 3x +times faster?

I feel much better and game feels more enjoyable with NORMAL flying, but dragonriding is just faster way to get to a point then normal flying.

You are actually forced to use dragonriding for longer distances.

Normal flying should be at least 800% speed. 310 is just ridiculous.

I personally dislike dragonriding, now game feels as it should feel ENJOYABLE with normal flying, but that 310 speed vs 900% make gaming unfair.


I’m fine with that. The reason I like traditional flying is that it’s not too fast, the world doesn’t whizz past in a blur.

My only issue is that they’ve taken a year to release it. At least they removed the 6 Renown gates.
And it seems next expansion it will be released at launch but will need to be unlocked. This seems much better to me.


Look man, I’m gonna tell you the same thing I’ve told the people who cried about removing flying. You are not forced to do anything. If you want to use whichever type of flying, nobody is gonna stop you.
But if I were you I’d get used to dynamic flying cause it seems that’s gonna be the thing from now on, lazy flying coming much later into the expansion.


You should be happy they are not removing that ancient way of flying, ungrateful much?


Both will be available at the same time, they’re time gating less things, there still will be progression gates, don’t think there won’t be but for a lot of QoL etc they are dropping requirements for more player choice.


This is the trade off.

You have to decide. Use dragonflight to get from A to B quicker, but you have to be at the pc and minding it all the time else you may land or whatever.

Or do you mount up, sit 400 yards in the air and simply go afk for 3 hours and come back to see your still safe and sound 400 yards up.

I am fine with it, and I use both.


You mean come back and find yourself dead to fatigue?


Dude, have you dropped your brain out of your pockets?

Regular flying WAS ALWAYS that slow. Hence that regular flying system is not complicated.

More effort = more speed

Dynamic flying is so fast because it requires you to stay at your keyboard AND play actively.

Regular flying will never have that because it would be absolute game breaking with the ability to just go afk and do something else while you are zooming across 4 different zones in 3 Minutes.


More like come back to your character’s corpse floating in the sea.


xD go troll someone else.

I would like dragonflying if collecting a herb would restore more vigor and maps were flat like zereth mortis. Now you have sometimes to use 3-4 vigors to get up. If you hit some branch its GG, you can go afk for tea.


-white noise-

Well, speed of the flying has been increased several times during wow’s life, so yeah, they can to bump it once more. Idk 400ish should be nice?


Wouldn’t mind if they did that.

But I’ve said it before, I’d settle for a hot-air balloon with a flight speed of RP walking. As long as I could control it to get past obstacles.
Flying has never really been about speed for me. It’s about navigating the horrible terrain in certain zones. Argus and the Maw might be tolerance with such a balloon.


I love this “we’re making up flaws to complain about” phase. It’s telling of how healthy the game is.


I’m happy with the dragon flight being the fastest means of travel. It’s not as easy and controllable as “normal” flying but it’s sure fast.

Not in favour of a boost to “normal” flight - it’s fast enough thanks. If we need to cover a lot of ground flying then switch to the dragon.


i was flying in my druid form trying to catch up and my friend was like “Fae, for the love of god use your dragon…”

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Make it 400%, that’s fast enough for the old style flying.

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Yes you are forced. because with normal flying it takes way longer to reach your destination point, it is much faster.

Despite a fact i dislike dragonriding and i just like normal flying, i am forced to use dragonriding. Even simple e.g. get to a rare fast enough because people will kill it otherwise. I am forced to use dragonriding if i want get in time there.

That “ancient” flying is what people loved since day 1 and always ask to be allowed on day 1 since every expansion.


Sounds like you are lazy when it comes to flying.

I am sorry, WHAT? Not as easy and controllable? It is literally just old flying + momentum. If that is still not easy for someone, I question their ability to perceive and control their body and surroundings.