Normal flying in dragonflight only 310% speed?

I doubt that tbh, a lot of people seem to enjoy it, and not just because it’s faster. I’m hardly an adrenaline junkie and even I enjoy it very much, it’s a funny way of navigating the world. It’s more engaging than tbc flying. Old flying is far more sedate and calm, which I love as well, don’t get me wrong :wink:

Personally I think it’s fair this way. Old flying solves accessibility issues that dragonriding has, and keeps it calm and steady for those with visual and neurological issues and such. It’s a real choice this way, both modes come with their strengths and weaknesses. Seems properly balanced to me.

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Just because the something is more popular than something else does that make it a better product? WoW has its strengths but it has many short comings too.
WoW’s account bound system took years in the making and gw2 came build in with it since 2012. The same is for the instant teleports. They are much better in gw2 than in WoW. There are some aspects which WoW can learn from other MMOs.

I dont rly care about the speed tbh.
The only reason i prefer normal flying to df flying is that you get to alt tab & watch vids while traveling. Also landing is MUCH easier.

you cant have your cake and eat it too

Kinda true.Can’t reach a rare in time with normal flying anymore.

that’s a lie… where you flying that long distance that you have time to watch a video?

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they nerfing this in Azeroth, which is good. It could go as low as regular flying, so it would be obvious why people used dragon riding, not because it is dynamic but simply just FASTER.

That’s actually the only reason why people using it, FASTER.

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