Normalise allowing everyone an opinion

I’m no Gladiator. I’m not even a Duellist. No, I’ve been chillin’ with my 1.9xp since MoP, and have never been able to allocate enough time to pushing super high ratings, though I still engage in a lot of PvP, and would consider myself to know plenty about it.

My question is this:

Why is it just accepted that players sub-2.2k don’t deserve an opinion on any topic relating to PvP? Why are forum posts constantly met with “Omg lol ur only 1.6k lmao roflcopter” or something similar?

I know how to bake a cake. I know what ingredients to use and when to use them, I understand how baking the cake causes it to rise and that proper technique will make or break it. That doesn’t stop my cakes from coming out looking like a charred abortion every time, and the failure in my technique does not diminish my understanding of how to bake a f***ing cake, just my application of said technique.

Just because there are a VERY LARGE number of us that haven’t hit the dizzying heights of 2k or 2.2k, does not mean that we don’t understand PvP, or know enough about to form our own opinion.

Stop being so toxic and remember where you started, nerd.


The same why Blizzard don’t listen community - pfff, youtuber/guy from forum know better than me how to do the game? No!© Even if suggestion is great. The same way about busted players - the guy from 1600 know my class better, lol kek, let i put him down - look at urself 1600 tard! Get gut, l2p and so on. Or just kids who want be a big boy here.

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Because the PvP community is made of cringy antisocial manchildren and is incredibly gatekeepy, there are those that are really nice on both the inside and out, but the higher you go, the worse it gets.

On the other hand <2200 players generally aren’t aware of basic mistakes they make on a regular basis and usually cannot see counterplay if there is one.

My advice is trying to put up with it and attempt a 2400 push, it opens many doors even if it’s completely superficial.

When an arguments bend towards experience instead of the content then you know that they have nothing to contribute anymore.

Because usually those are the people with really stupid opinions or troll opinions

If a 1.8 rated pala says that everything is fine ofc everyone will point that out

“Ad hominems” are pretty common in most forms of debating and are generally a sign that you have either won the debate or the person making them has 0 clue on what the subject matter is.

I don’t know what is more amusing, the person making the statements hiding behind a lvl 27 alt or that people have to somehow flex skills on a pvp scene that has been on life support since Cata.



I honestly can’t take people serious who flex with plastic gladiator and feel like kings who’s opinion is the only to matter. Mostly obtained with speccs that have been braindeadly OP by their time.

But what am I even saying, this is a new account and I don’t have PvP-Achievements showing on this char, so my opinion doesnt matter anyway :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Its when they say “hard stuck”.
Why can’t it just be getting glad isn’t a goal for you?
Lots of us are happy just being casuals.


I have a mrs and a 12 year old kid. I run a pub and in general, have a life that I need to, you know… live. Let alone the fact that I am forced to play on a laptop that runs WoW at the lowest settings, at anywhere between 9-39FPS.

If I wanted to put my life on hold, get myself a nice new rig and commit 8 hours a day to playing arenas, I have no doubt that I could achieve Glad and be “listened to and respected” for ever more.

I have more important things to do, though.


As some people show though, you can be a glad/r1 and still post troll opinions on the forum. :slight_smile:
Rating doesn’t mean much in that regard.


I think there’s often an underlying disagreement about when wisdom is informed through experience and when it isn’t. There’s a lot of nuance to discuss with regards to that, which is usually rather interesting. Healthy disagreement, if you will.

But on the extremes of that disagreement you have some people who believe that experience accounts for everything, and some people who believe that experience accounts for nothing. There’s zero discussion to be had and everything is black and white, right and wrong. That’s usually where ad hominem, attempts to discredit, and faux authority replace healthy discussion and disagreement, since the position people have doesn’t really allow for any nuance.

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There is not enough of this. People have been conditioned to think (due to forums such as this) that they either know everything, or they know nothing; there’s no middle ground. Such a polarising nature leads to those on one side being scared to voice an opinion, for fear of being berated by the 1337 gods of arena, and the other side actively seek out anyone who’s opinion differs to their own to launch a full scale assault on their lack of rating, with very little input relevant to whatever topic they’re discussing.


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Because many ppl in the forums think nobody should have different opinion from their own and each post they make should change your opinion and you automatically apologize to them.

If that above doesnt happen, they will try to find something to enforce their opinion further and usually goes to insults.

Whilst you ultra-glad-super-pvp player expert forum whiner where doing the same thing since the first post i made in these forums.

I also gave a “prophecy” back in BFA when you thought things will be GREAT in SL: you will be the first to whine about SL and make 10 whining threads. :rofl: :rofl:

Do we get free pints, that is the real question here…

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If you wanna come grab a free pint that’s fine :slight_smile: But you gotta duel me for it.



haha, i miss when the pubs was open :C. hope you manage the lockdown.

Thanks man. It’s been horrible for everyone really, just want it all to be over so I can see my regulars again!

It’s almost like low ranked people will complain about the class they hate instead of coming with logical explanation on how to balance something.
If you come up with any data or logic they will simply say you are wrong, all classes need to be nerfed except mine.

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