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I would like to bring the attention for special price and currency for this small country like other countries having for example Turkiye with Turkish lira.

If we cannot get currency in Macedonian Denars then i’ll suggest at least special price to match the country standards for example:
in Turkiye the price for a wow sub is: 400mkd max and in North Macedonia it’s 800mkd which is double… The price for North Macedonia is a match for a EU country like Germany or Luxembourg with way more higher average standard in terms of salary. in North Macedonia minimum salary is 400 eur in Germany or Luxembourg is 2500 eur which is 5+ times higher but wow sub is the same…

usually people might say if you want to play pay for it but what i’m asking is for price adjustment with countries who are economically low. i Mentioned Turkiye but it’s the only example with special price as far as i know.

i wish for positive feedback from the community :slight_smile: because people lean towards private servers for free and not enjoying the official wow due to high prices. If we can adjust the price then more people will prefer retail/classic/SoD wow instead piracy…


Asking is always fine, but I’m going to lay out the hard to swallow truth.

Turkey is the 2nd most populous country in Europe (yes most of them live on the Asian side but that’s not relevant for this). They are pretty much a market of their own (they have their own region in League of Legends for example). So it’s worth to cut a bit on the costs to get profit. Russia used to enjoy similar benefits before the war.

As far As I know other countries that get to use domestic currencies aren’t getting that much of a great deal. In Ukraine and Kazakhstan a monthly sub costs around 9 euro and in Georgia it’s like 12. Moreover, comparing it to local wages the sub cost is about 5% of the local minimum wages, still more expensive than it is for you.

To summarize: it’s ok to ask, but don’t hold your breath.


Yeah i understand that we will be using the same servers, same game but access to these should be fair to everyone. I don’t have active sub now and waiting for the war within expansion but many of my friends are playing on pirate servers which is bad for everyone due to costs of living … for me its bad becuase they are not playing with me on retail, for servers its bad becuase community is spreading to piracy …

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

I agree, North Macedonia is not a big country which leads to less players overall compared to other countries, but it would be nice to have lower subscription price. Because of the higher store prices people are usually using their relatives address that live in other countries in order to get cheaper deals. I know it’s not ideal but with a lower monthly income you try to safe every penny you can.

Hopefully with the Microsoft deal being successful, the store will reflect better prices soon.

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