Northern Lights [H] [SWE/Scandi] Recruiting

Northern Lights 11/11 current content.
Is now looking for more interested and skilled players.

We are a Scandinavian (probably 95% Swedish, and speaking) Guild that has had Phase 2 content on farm for ages and are now looking to venture into BWL.

We had 2 groups farming content with ease and had a blast doing so.
Some members of the 2nd group migrated away from us and now we are looking to fill up and further down the road get group 2 running again.

Therefore we are looking for any and all people willing to venture with us to greener pastures.

We are planning a server transfer at the end of the month (January) and are currently in the final stages of voting on server.

If anyone is interested, Please, feel free to contact me (Domarn) in game.
Or just talk to any of us for more information. We’re a happy bunch :slight_smile:

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