Nosferatum recruiting (H)

Nosferatum is a group of friends who have returned to WoW this expansion with the aim to grow and have fun. We are a mature guild in the sense of age, but not in the sense of errr sense???

We are looking for like minded players to join our merry band (I know all recruitment says this). As a guild we prioritise being social, if you don’t like to join in with events then this may not be a good fit, from a few weeks in we have managed to build a small raid team and have lots of M+ nights where everyone who wants to do a key gets a chance as well as running dungeons to get characters xp.

So if you like to have a chat in guild, or like jumping into discord, if you enjoy a little bit of chilled M+ or a raid one night a week (Only 6/10 normal but we have a lot of new players to the game) where we have some fun but focus when it’s a boss fight, or even if you just want to join to have a look and chat to see if it’s a good fit then please contact us in game (or drop me a whisper for a chat)

We are on the in game guild finder but make sure you pick the Aerie Peak one as there is one on Bronzebeard that is not us.

Any rumours of guild hot tubs after a run in Plaguefall are pure nonsense (unless you have seen the pics).


Quick update

Still looking for some active people to join our merry band, 8/10 normal now and 1/10 hc and looking at adding a second raid night (again just a couple of hours to concentrate hc).

We still have regular M+ nights that all are welcome to join.


If anyone still looks at these forums we managed to kill off the final 2 normal bosses in one night, we are looking to concentrate more on HC now. This is a great opportunity to genuinely raid with a nice bunch who are willing to help and don’t scream or shout or make people feel bad about a mistake. Same with all the M+ and fun events we plan, it’s all about enjoying the game. Strangely it seems to be DPS we are mainly missing (although someone with an off tank spec would also be nice). Hope to hear from some of you soon (if anyone is out there lol)

Hi - what days / times are your raids, please?

Apologies Grinthorn, I had almost given up hope on the server. We usually raid on a Tuesday at 8 uk time, and we do M+ most of the week but especially till late on a Friday. Let me know if you need any more information, or feel free to whisper me in the guild.

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