Not all roleplay is for all roleplayers

saving this for posterity because i may never be called it again.

considering that DF was a genuine stepup in quality i can only imagine an earnest lore event during these patches or war within would do wonders for the horde scene. orcs heritage was a good starting point. now to build on it for the other horde races.

how do you like your vulporc omelette? scrambled or fuzzy side up

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Ahem! Fair, but we all know who is more memorable between Lilian and Lintian!

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You will never get a real answer to this because no one can force their will on other players. The “you don’t pay my sub” line is often used as a joke but it’s not really a joke.

I could camp out in the middle of Duskwood and roleplay being a vrykul vampyr regent lord of the area and other players would be able to do absolutely nothing to stop it. They could put me on ignore and not see my texts but could not physically remove me. If I found a couple people willing to roleplay out this lunacy alongside me, and there are always people willing to join such shenanigans, then we could keep the Castlevania party going till the end of times even if everyone else hated it.

Ignoring what you don’t like and moving away IS the solution because fighting with people who you have no power over is just pissing against the wind while complaining on the forum that you keep getting piss on you. It gets you some easy likes but you aren’t any closer to solving the problem.

I still see a certain vulpera and his friends roleplaying out in the open despite public condemnation. I still see the same underage elves and humans involved in questionable scenarios despite public condemnation. My friends avoid problem characters and dodgy places and are having fun roleplaying instead of gnawing their limbs off in rage over things they can’t change.


While yes, that’s true, at the very least I feel like the situation is quarantined for lack of a better term. We cannot get those players off the server, true, but I genuinely think that a vast, vast majority of roleplayers know not to join a caravan guild ran by that particularly infamous individual.

For the most part I do agree that a live and let live approach is fine. There’s players that involve a copious amount of headcanon and lorebending that still get reasonable amounts of roleplay, and I think that’s absolutely fine. It’s not for me, and I’m probably not alone in that - but it’s ultimately harmless. With the exception of things which are genuinely morally reprehensible - be it vulpera roleplayers falling into paraphilia or northern human RPers falling into the same boring bigotry - yeah, live and let live is fine.

However, we also curate our own spaces on the server. While I’ve no interest in engaging in the aforementioned headcanon RP, I also have no interest in accommodating that if I were to run a guild or event, and I believe it would be entirely justifiable to draw a line in the sand and say “sorry, you’re not welcome here, please don’t show up and cause a fuss.”

If I run a Horde-exclusive event, I’m not going to permit humans or dwarves no matter how much they ask. If I run an Alliance-exclusive one, I’m not allowing tauren or vulpera in, and that was really the intent of this thread. Not every event caters to every type of character or faction, and I think that’s totally fine.


It is absolutely fine, yes. I never argued that. Zaphius asked what else one can do beyond ignoring and moving away which is what I answered. When someone engages in questionable roleplay and is not willing to stop when requested to do so then there’s nothing left to be done beyond continuing on with your own roleplay and, if the other party proves to be too much of a distraction, moving elsewhere.


To add a positive note, one great example of doing this right is the pandaren roleplay community. Despite other roleplayers often choosing Pandaria as an exotic backdrop for their lorebending activities, the pandaren mains I know have just been trucking along for years doing their own thing and having fun.


Mostly replying to this for my own benefit as a little self-reminder, but there’s been a pandaren-focused tavern event that I believe has been going on for months, if not years. Next one is on the 27th!


These are very valid points, and I hope people will consider them out of respect for someone putting in the time and effort to organize roleplay for a target audience of their choosing.

Even if there were no bad intentions involved IC or OOC, it can still be very disruptive for the flow of the event if people tried to turn an event marked for the Alliance or Horde into a crossfaction event. Some examples how this might happen:

  • Even if the character organizing the event was lenient toward the other faction and neutral organizations, disruptions may still happen among the attendees that withdraw attention from the planned activities.
  • Not wishing to disrupt the event, other participating players might leave, or feel forced to downplay their character’s reaction to the circumstances.
  • Not everyone has the Potion of Tongues in their inventory at all times, especially if they use alts in hosting the event. Sure, you can likely borrow from someone else; but it may be an interruption to whatever else the host was doing that moment.
  • Some pre-planned activities require extra steps to accommodate crossfaction on a whim; such as games requiring a raid group, /whispers, seeing each other’s TRP, or requiring the transfer of items from character to character.

Some people may think from the POV of “it would make total sense for my character to visit this event”, but ultimately it’s not the character’s choice, it’s the player’s choice to attend. Even if your character would really like to go, OOC you could just as well come up with an excuse why they’re prevented from going. Caught the cold, sprained their ankle, mixed up the dates, something else came up offscreen, etc.

There’s no elitism in making an event for a specific audience - it’s to ensure the event proceeds smoothly for a certain group of people, or/and to give it a certain flair if catering for a specific theme (race, class, organization, etc.). To ensure we continue having a rich variety of events on the server, instead of them all starting to feel samey, I hope people respect the organizer’s wishes regarding their event’s target audience (as long as the setup feels reasonable, e.g. having an orcish Kosh’Harg in Bel’ameth might not make the greatest sense…).


maybe if you’re Forsaken just wear a hood and cover up the bones

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No! You don’t need to eat, what the heck man.

I admittedly had your Amirdrassil thread/events in mind while writing the original post actually. As far as I’m aware nobody did actively choose to disrupt them, but I had a few people message me saying how it’s a neutral area and Horde should be welcomed there and that it was “gatekeeping.”

Really it’s only gatekeeping in the same way that some restaurants require you to follow certain dress codes - regardless of if you agree or disagree with it, it’s a rule that is clearly written out well in advance and by choosing to break said rule, you’re choosing to be denied entry.


We do actively have NPCs saying the Horde are welcome in Amirdrassil though.
It’s how said Horde act and what they’re about that is the important part. A shrieking warmonger wouldn’t do the scene any good.

Oh for sure! But even with that in mind, an Alliance-only event within the (mostly) Alliance-centric city hub is a reasonable request that should be respected. It doesn’t mean that the event host can lay claim to the entire zone of course, but I do think the wishes to keep certain things Alliance-only (especially after the patch went live) was a reasonable thing to ask.

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For the people claiming or feeling that the Amirdrassil event series was gatekeeping:

1# Amirdrassil is a new home for night elves, so it shouldn’t be seen as unreasonable that the event series’ target audience was - surprise - night elves.

2# The crossfaction representation in Bel’ameth is somewhat subjective, and personally I went with what felt most fitting with how the zone is depicted to us in-game, and the NPC dialogue we’re given. Let’s have a quick look at what we actually see in-game:

Patch 10.2.5 Bel’ameth cutscene, dialogue between Shandris and Tyrande:

Shandris: “Such beauty. Such tranquility. More kaldorei settle here every day. After so many years of strife, Bel’ameth offers rest and comfort.”

Tyrande: “This village welcomes all who wish to dwell here. But it shall not be our only home. Hyjal. Val’sharah. Ashenvale. These are sacred places to us. We shall protect them evermore. And one day, when life blossoms again on its ashen shores, we will return to Teldrassil and build anew.”

Though Tyrande said “this village welcomes all who wish to dwell here”, if we assume dwell to mean the same as living there, my personal impression of the dialogue viewed as a whole is that Tyrande is speaking more with the night elves in mind, rather than everyone on Azeroth in mind. On top of this, when it comes to NPCs, Amirdrassil simply isn’t represented as a neutral hub similar to Valdrakken, Gadgetzan, etc. but specifically a place where the night elves are rebuilding to recover.

After so much loss, accepting the occasional neutral or Horde aligned character around shouldn’t be seen the same as a strive to make Amidrassil a mixing pot for all the people of Azeroth, especially when we only see few tauren druids visiting with permission. As such, it didn’t feel appropriate to invite everyone and anyone into these events en masse regardless of their organization/faction.

3# Sharding is a pain. There was a desire to make sure that as many people of the series’ main target audience (night elves) could attend the events. It would’ve been a shame if half of the available DM or raid spots went to Horde and neutral characters instead of the main audience (night elf characters).

4# There were very few people involved in hosting the events, and there were many events over the course of a month. I wanted the hosting to be a minimal hassle (please see the last point in my previous post), because even without being crossfaction and aimed at a niche group of people, preparing each event took time and effort.

If people still view it as unreasonable gatekeeping, I encourage them to host something of their own instead that caters better to their interests. On my behalf there was no malice involved; only the intent to make sure the event series would go as smoothly as possible for people whose characters were most relevant to its narrative (night elves settling in their new home).


Kind of strange to call gatekeeping when all you’d need to do is come on an alt that’s relevant to the event. If you don’t have one and you have no interest in making one, I’m not sure why you’re interested in the event to begin with…?


It’s because 90% of the Rpers play their characters as just a face with no cultural, historical or other ties to the setting. A second life extension of themselves. Therefore they see no problem about attending the event with their character, because they wouldn’t be barred from a public event in IRL either due to a thing like race or other reason, no?

Hot take but true all the same.


There´s an unfortunate trend I´ve seen among some RPers, which I would for the lack of better words call toxic inclusivity. In the same way toxic positivity views negativity as objectively bad thing that is forbidden and puts positivity on a “morally right” pedestal, toxic inclusivity views any rules/requirements/standards as morally wrong thing because they, by nature, create roadblocks that some will not pass.
So, from a viewpoint of someone who thinks that way, Acrona making events in new unofficial night elf capital that are aimed at night elves and do not allow for Horde presence, is a horrible gatekeeping because the act of not allowing everyone to take part in something is automatically a morally wrong thing.

Because they crave content and don´t care whether it makes sense for their character to be there, they just want to OOCly be there, period.
Also, some people just seem to be incapable of RPing more than one character and they will try to do everything on that character.


It’s pretty embarrassing if people don’t have the capacity to think, “Ah, well, this character isn’t applicable to what’s going on here. I could go on another that it actually fits and is more relevant.”

I am one of those people that Syelia mentioned who is bad at playing more than one character. I can do two, three is a real stretch and my interest will quickly fizzle.

I just… simply don’t go if the event doesn’t really gel with the two that i juggle at a time.


I guess this is another one of those “RPing with other people is a complex thing that sucks at times and there’s little we can do about it”.

I just wish people understood the absolute quality and immersion that comes from being present at an event actually catered for your character. It’s so much fun. It feels like a shame to treat it as just some spot to hang out at.


I’m in this boat aswell. Des here’s my rp main, then there’s my DK and recently my worgen, and that’s already stretching my capabilities by alot. So, as others mentioned, if it doesn’t make sense for my toon to be there, he won’t be there.


One of us

One of us

One of us

One of us


Yesno. The NPCs in question are, to my knowledge, no more than 2 cenarion circle tauren. And they make it very clear that they have to watch their every move and word.

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