Not becoming a ghost challenge - Guild

Hi everyone. I’m doing a challenge where I try to level up without becoming a ghost once. The only rule is :
You can only be resurrected within the first 6 minutes of your death, before becoming a ghost. This is to make teamplay more interesting, and the challenge actually doable.
So if the idea of running intense dungeons, where everyone is doing their best and caring for one another interests you, come join me and let’s create a guild for this challenge where we all work together :slight_smile:

I am currently playing with two friends.

Easy to do.

Just roll a Night Elf.

The point of it being hard or easy is not really what I’m looking for. The challenge is more interesting when you consider the way it shifts how you play the game. An elite quest becomes a danger, you want to use all your professions, and help each other, with an alchemist, someone that cooks, someone that crafts armor for other people and so on. Every dungeon is taken seriously… It makes the journey more epic, and it makes all the leveling process more co-op, and less lonely braindead grinding.

I’m actually quite surprised not to find any enthusiast so far. If anyone is reading, could you tell me why you’re not interested in the idea ? Me and my buddies find it so cool.

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Pretty sure she was making a joke about Nelf characters turning into wisps and not ghosts :wink: Hence being easy if you play a Nelf.

Anyway cool idea. Always great to see people finding new ways to have fun with Classic.

Good luck!

Sounds like great fun. I started playing a druid with the similar goal in mind. Reached level 3 and died in the spider cave :frowning:
It’s a tough but wonderful challenge.

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