Not even 2 million subs, people leaving in masses

its a game with tactical fighting you should expect the audience to think :o

yeah if u played during bad expansions im sure ure happy with shadowlands

Why u get upset over people liking the game ? if u dont like the game dont play it and dont care if others like it

You mean like the content creators you linked are shilling for other companies because they can make more money off of playing those games currently? You know it’s basically youtubers jobs to shill for money right.

I’d rather not take ‘numbers’ advice from websites that basically look into subreddit activity and show games that have been dead and closed for a while as having active players thanks.


I like Bellular but his numbers are sketchy at best, and I honesty take everything he does with a pinch of salt, it’s a business he runs.

Also for numbers… who the hell cares.

Once I get KSM ill go resub to a game thats 20 years old to play on a server that has a primetime population of around 60 People.

Because… fun?


They are hiring for WoW

  • UI Designer
  • Quest Designer
  • Content Designer
  • Rewards Designer
  • Class/Combat Designer
  • Associate Game Director
  • Senior Game Designer
  • Mid/Senior Encounter Designer
  • Principal Game Designer

That’s just some of the WoW related jobs that are currently open:

We have also had a couple of blue posts making nice changes. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

Bigger changes will take time.


You are going to get called a shill because you said something positive even though we both know you are not be warned you will face a backlash from the OP because only his views matter .


who even is Asmongold (what kind of name is that btw? he sounds like a dodgy Chinese gold selling site pre wow token :P) this is yet another post of random streamer says this so we all should listen! No we shouldn’t!

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Is ‘Shill’ some new buzzword the OP has recently found and is happy to apply it to anything and anyone that disagrees with them regardless of accuracy?


Well I presented facts.

He presented videos from youtubers who are playing other games now to make sure the :moneybag: keeps rolling in…

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Way less boosts, at least from my experience.

Not hiring Europeans I believe, I wish my country would have a gaming industry

If you are willing to move they will.

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Really seems to be with the extreme over use of it :smiley:

And thank you for linking them its good to see little changes :heart:


I believe every 5 year old could just give me that 10% amor buff while in arena

maybe you do the sacrifise then

Is this a forum trend like? Watching an Asmongold video, copying its link (or if less talented, its title) and then act like you’d have been super creative thinking about a new thread topic on your own?


hes a youtuber and a streamer they literally make their money off of other peoples ideas and opinions. one reason I have little respect for them.

Still laugh at preach etc going off on blizzard over the whole abuse of employees thing…then carrying on streaming on twitch…that same twitch owned by amazon who are notorious for a toxic workplace culture esp at the warehouse and distribution level, esp in the uk (so something preach should be well aware of…amazon treat their blue collar staff like crap…no arguments there).

They are all hypocrites who will say anything for views and bucks.

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I already do that looking after my disabled daughter… but why don’t you go for it :rofl:

I guess he is still sore after getting punished for the xp potion cheating