Not even 2 million subs, people leaving in masses

this isnt my post its from taurth on a previous thread but very apt for this as well and spot on.

wow doesnt need these guys, screw them and their elitist opinions the game is better off without. damn sure as a casual player nothing they were moaning about was impacting me anyway.

`And what if they stopped playing? Millions have stopped over the years.

Also, thank god Preach and Asmongold left the game, seriously…some of the biggest problems WoW community has been having in the last few years is because of the so called “elite” streamers, who only evaluate the game from the high-end tier point of view, which a very small percentage of the playerbase ever gets to.

You want to be elite? Good for you, but the game is not built as solely a competitive platform. In fact, I would argue that part of WoW’s problems started with the constant needs for the devs put work into balancing the e-sport scene and keeping the elite players happy, instead of just building content that is just fun first and then worry about balance.`


If FF14 can pull off a complete revamp so can WoW…

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remove sub cost so they can compite with new world :stuck_out_tongue:

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New world is nothing like wow and removing sub will only harm the game even more and please stop with the inane rants and smilies really is annoying .


I don’t mind paying a sub. I pay 2 of mine (with some free recruit a friend months) and I pay for one of my kids to play too.

I just want them to chill on the borrowed power systems. The only one I ever liked was the Legion artifact weapon because I could actually see what I was working towards without rng.

If they could also fix the old content scaling I’d be over the moon.

Chromie time needs to open all dungeons rather than a couple per expac, otherwise I really like it.


I used to have 5 but happy with 2 now - especially since the Island Expedition changes.

Torghast is fun with 2 also… any more than that and the scaling isn’t nice.

I unlocked Shadowlands flying and using my 2 seat flyer is awesome.

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Thats just it, nobody but Blizzard do know, which is why all these assumptions and guesses on figures are just that. Who knows if Blizzard are happy with the figures or not, again it is pure speculation on everybody’s part.


Strange did you not say recently you have enough tokens to paye for years …

So much this i really miss the old way of dungeon leveling instead of being expac tied .


Now if they just unlocked the hivemind mount so anyone could use it and not just the “group” who got it , that would be so much more fun for me .

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I honestly think that was to make life a little harder for bots and multiboxers… as well as encourage you to stick to the same friends

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I wish that they just sold the gold and kept all the “free” stuff out of it.

New World in its current form will not last a year, it needs to be delayed and work done on the game because otherwise it’ll be a few patches before the game is solid enough to be considered launch worthy.

Alas, didn’t they also say that with Cyberpunk, and as far as I am aware it still isn’t playable on certain platforms.

Also I still can’t get on board with Amazon using the cash shop to sell stuff like rested xp bonuses in the future. That just feels like they’re preparing for the game to be a bit rough, which it is.

blizzard just keep nerfing gold farms they want peoples to buy tokens instead :frowning:

Retail has been trash for years now, so players eventually look for new MMOs, literally no surprise here…

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Why would they? This kind of careful checking of sources is soooo last century, nobody lets it get in the way of making a quick buck these days.

On that matter, I would be interested if there is any reliable data out there on WoW player numbers? The only one I know is but this only counts M+ activity which may or may not be a good proxy for overall activity.

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Absolutely click bait video with vague evidence, there are many players that wont be registered as they do not do m+ or raiding etc. Also We can not track numbers in china, It is country with population more than Eu+US combined, we can only guess how many milions subs are there on top of Eu+Us. Also Blizz has 26 milion MAU, Diablo 3 is like 20-50k of that max, Warcraft 50-100k , Starcraft probabbly 100-200k atleast due to it being popular in asia. Owerwatch I would put around 5-7m, Hearthstone also being mobile game must be atleast 15M or even more. And guess what? So remaining Mau is Wow and i would put it anywhere from 4-6M, Classic is probbably 1m of that so retail is like 4M or around that mark in terms of subs Atm. Also china numbers are not counted in theese MAU, as games are run under different branch in that country, that acts independently of activision.Basicaly blizzard in china is run by goverment to large extent.

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Try to think for yourself instead of getting overdosed on YouTube drama clickbait content lol.