Not Like Us [A] Silvermoon recruiting for WW

We’re excited to announce that Not Like Us is recruiting for our new guild and raid team for TWW! Our current priorities are: Healer: Resto Druid or Shaman DPS: DPS Warrior, Aug Evoker, DPS Demon Hunter, Ranged Hunter. We’re looking for passionate players who want to raid Heroic and Mythic without the stress of being a no-lifer. Whether you’re looking to take the next leap in your raiding career or join as a social member or M+ pusher, we have a place for you. If you’re not on Silvermoon, don’t worry about transfers in TWW guild/raid team recruitment is opening up to allow cross-realm. Spaces are filling up fast. Interested? Let’s chat! Reply to this message or contact us at [Your Contact Information] for more information or to apply.