Not played since Cata now looking to catch up on what I missed with existing casual guild or make my own

Hi everyone,

Returning to WoW for the first time since I left prior to Warlords coming out. I am interested in playing through all the content which came out since I stopped playing. Now obviously if I want to get the full experience by doing the raids in those places joining a casual guild would be a good idea. Me & a friend are playing Undead on the EU Defias Brotherhood server. Anyone know of any casual guilds on Defias who would be interested in doing the previous expansion content as well as new content?

If not, then I am not opposed to trying to make a guild of my own with like minded returning players, or new players who to level up together and playthrough all the content this game has to offer.

I would have posted this in recruitment, but the forums won’t let me post there.

Welcome back!

I don’t think what you are suggesting is now possible, or at least practical.

You can certainly outlevel a raid and solo it. No problem there. Easy.

But Blizzard introduced “scaling” in Legion, which means everything scales to your level. Everything except Heroic Dungeons and Raids. And then they removed the extra power in gear given above basic level at the end of each expansion.

Matching the power of a raid team to the old raid to make it an interesting experience … I’m not sure how that might work. I also doubt many people would want to.

But good luck with your attempts! :smiley:

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Thank you for the advice.

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