Nothing changed about premades in BGs

There was this post they made a while ago stating they fixed the way queues work for BGs and that solo players should no longer face the onslaught of premades unable to play the game. It is the middle of P2 and solo players still face 10 man premades in WSG. The only thing that changed is that it’s not as often and that premades are more likely to face other premades. But if those other premades to face them don’t exist, solo players do. Used to be 3/4 games in P1 where I’d encounter a full premade as a solo queue player, now it’s something like 2/4. And this happens constantly. Today I faced the same premade (a 10 man premade from the server Living Flame) 2 times in a row and then again about 20 minutes later. Same premade in 3/4 games I played. Not to mention that we usually have no chance of winning even in pug vs pug. Horde has so many shamans queueing and most are just unkillable. Pair that with 2-3 priests, which as it stands right now is are also overpowered, and good luck doing something. And I play a hunter so I do pretty well for myself. I see warriors and paladins just getting obliterated before they even reach the enemy. They really need to do something about it. It’s not fun and some of us really want to pvp and have a balanced experience while doing so.

I can only say that u were unlucky, I finished my WSG rep farm somewhere around one weak ago.

In ~160 games that I played I encountered premades exactly 2 times (a lot of 3-5 mans tho).

Blizzard specifically stated, that there will be higher chance of premades matching against premades, not that premades got disabled:

PvP Updates

Additional adjustments have been made to matchmaking. Players in groups of five or fewer will have a higher chance to match against groups of five or fewer. Likewise, if you are in a group of six or more, you will have a higher chance to match with groups of six or more. To account for the potential to create longer queues with this updated matching system, the system will ignore these rules after a period of time should queues be impacted. This will then match you with the first available so you can get in and play without waiting too much longer.

Also use paragraphs please, ty.