Nothing happening?

My subscription is now expired. I was expecting blizzard to help out the players stuck on Flamelash but I guess not.

Im not gonna pay for the character transfer as it is aq rip off. Its not a lot of money but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, just like rerolling would.

Many players have a life outside of this game and spent their valuable free time on their progress. For me, it was already hard to make enough time in my life just to hit level 30 - something some “reroll” no-life players on this forum will never understand?

How in the world could I just reroll? Is time worth nothing to you?

I’m sorry you can’t enjoy the game anymore, It’s sad you were put in this position. I agree that paid transfers sounds like a ransom scheme.

Perhaps at some point they might decide to end the realm and allow free transfers to other realms, but according to other posters this has apparently never happened before.

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