Nothing has changed

1 or 2 years ago I left WOW, because of the toxicity, kicking people out of dungeons/raids because you so 1 dps to low then they like and excluding people (e.g., when they have not the spec, talents, items etc that some people want to have them…)

With the free weekend I tried it again to see if I should buy the new expension, but the answhere is no…

People play this game for fun, and being kicked out of a dungeon or being excluded, because you have ‘only’ 1 ilvl higher then reccomended, isn’t the way it is supposed to be.

Why isn’t blizzard doing something about the massive toxicity, excluding people and kicking people for no reason??? Those people should be banned, because they ruin the game for other people.

I realy hope blizzard is going to do something about this, because I am done with this.

Guess I just stick to other games, where people are nice, you never get kicked for no reason, and you won’t be excluded!


No, nothing has changed in this regard.

And nothing is likely to.

I find it confounding that the devs are so committed to systems and policies that exclude 30%-40% of their whole customer base. I would have thought that commercial pressures, if nothing else, would persuade them to make group activities that involve the slower, more patient, and more social people.


I am extremely confused about your problem…

Since you don’t provide your content type I’ll assume you are doing M+ or Raids?

This is normal, if you don’t carry your own weight some ppl will take actions against you. Other groups won’t care. It all depends on the content you are doing…

Make your own group, that way you can chose whoever you want to invite.
Spec and Talents are hardly an issue these days unless you are doing +20 keys or HC/Mythic raiding, pre-patch made sure off that…

Again, it depends on the content.
Getting kicked out off LFR for no reason or getting kicked out off a NM/HC dungeon for no reason should be punished.
Getting kicked out off a NM/HC raid or M+ run should NOT be punished.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but these don’t exist.
FFXIV endgame for example, is a million times worse.

I’m assuming not, because of

Since there are no ilevel recommendations or breakpoints for M+ or raids, I would assume Devlinn is talking about LFD/LFR.

cant say i’ve ever experienced this tbh.

but yeah, im sure it exists but im pretty certain thats just online gaming in a nutshell

Now give us the full version of the story for being kicked not only yours.

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I assumed he mistyped “Ilvl lower” for higher on accident, and therefor not got invited to raids/m+ content.
Why would you kick anybody for ilvl to high, even in LFD? :rofl:

Have fun playing whatever game you do enjoy.

now is actually worse.

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OTOH, if LFR requires 220, and someone joins with 221, it’s certainly possible that some impatient jerk will instigate a kick, and a bunch will just click Yes.

Sadly i dont think theres much that will slow this down prior m+ prior timers, you still got kicked from this stuff, its just player mentslity of WoW it really always has been.

PuG enviroments dont carry a very social aspect in caring, pug at core is a very selfish way of playing the game, ur inviting people to benefit yourself. Theres no care for one anothers progression in such.

Guilds are the place for patience and social behaviour realistically, but sadly alot of people stay in the PuG pool and yeah it will never grt better.

My personality shifts based on guild content and pugs naturally

With my guild id take a 300 rio player into a +15 and id teach him the timer doesnt matter in such situation. With a pug i just wouldnt do it.

High level endgame is like the OP described but most other places are quite forgiving.

If you do find that game will you let me know because every one I have tried is like that at top end raiding. Mistakes are punished unless you raid with a guild.

Not really, no.

You probably don’t notice it much, because you know the score, and you can play.

I’ve been with new people who were just learning. It’s Lord of the Flies in queued random groups for anyone who can’t keep up. Not all of them, true - maybe half, maybe a third. But that’s a lot when you’re getting abuse and kicks every second or third dungeon.

That’s why a third to a half of all players rarely or never run dungeons.

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If you think WoW is toxic.
FFXIV endgame (savage) content is tenfold more toxic :rofl:
Everything below that is fine though, but so is WoW :man_shrugging:

No. I don’t know anything about FF, but WoW isn’t fine, even at the lower levels.

WoW is fine for people who know what they’re doing, not so much for beginners or, frankly, bad players (which is to say, most players :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is actually true according to my experience as well, at least in levelling dungeons. Why? maybe it’s because queues are so long that people aren’t rushing so much to catch the next one. Maybe because you will find more people who are … um … mellowed out, one way or another, at that time of night. Maybe it’s just a different set of people who tend to play in the early morning.

But yeah, your best time to experience dungeons is after midnight.

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