Now I know what Ferals mean by crap gameplay

I played against some good Ferals recently and they literally spam Clones to get these free Feral Frenzy. This is one of the most crapy designs I’ve ever seen. All you do as Feral is spam Clones to get the proc. If you play against Feral you just stop every Clone he casts and ignore the healer.


Yep you land clones= win
you get interrupted or stomped = lose.


I know it’s controversial because we know the history of reworks but Feral and Frost DK need reworks

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I haven’t played feral recently, frost could use some changes, but doesn’t need a rework.

In fact the 2 full reworks they did, basically s priest and ret pally, i actually did not like that much.

Awful gameplay for every feral, and for every oponent aswell

Game designe never felt worse than in Dragonflight for feral

Yeah that’s the design choice they went with for feral, you try to get clones on people and clap them out with feral frenzy in that 5 second window over and over

Hardly the easiest thing in the world to do either, it may not sound long but 1.6 seconds, when you’re as squishy and defenceless as a feral is hell of a long time, especially as everyone knows we are so squishy and focus us. I stopped using it for the most part cos it feels almost impossible to get off. Maybe it’s a better tool in arenas, I wouldn’t know but for me it’s not great for BG’s.

It is the most retarded idea ever and one of many reasons I stopped playing Feral PvP. It was already boring to spam aoe with no real threat only vs pet specs and now you have to spam clones with all its weird design… get out of form, pray you timed it correctly and no one interrupts you… also now since it moves you back to Feral form by itself Im sure many still by mistake get out of form again… not to mention the inner lag or whatever you get with shifting…
Why is every move from Feral is cumbersome with no real benefit? Why do I have to pay extra price to use defensives or CC when the result in the end is the same as other specs who dont have to juggle forms and time sh*t? In the past you were rewarded as Feral but now its just a handicap for psycos?


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