Now I understand what N'zoth meant. Probably

“I… know you. What you were. What you will yet be”

Ok so, he knows us. Yay.

“Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Our dreams. Our song.”

The song, the one Anduins and Thrall are hearing. It should be Azeroth, but maybe she’s already corrupted, considering Midnight, the Last Titan. Now it’s less and less likely the Titans are the good guys (and neither the Old Gods are, but still).

“Deeper, deeper its roots will reach. Welcoming our embrace.”

Still not sure about this one, but the blood of the Old Gods is flowing deep underground, so… It may have something to do with that. Probably talking about Iridikron?

“You will follow him to the deep places. The dark waters will flow in his wake.”

This is clear, be “him” either Magni or Anduin or whatever, we WILL follow him underground. And when we do, the dark waters, aka the Old Gods blood, will flow. And…

“With many eyes, they will see again. They will drink, and be uplifted.”

This is almost surely referring to the new generation of altered Nerubians, who will be our antagonists in the next expansion, who drink the blood and mutate into a new brand of Nerubian soldiers.

I’m interested in discovering how much corrupted is Azeroth already, or will be!

What do you think about this? Could all these whispers be related to the War Within?

pretty sure the writers have forgotten the whispers even happen so many people always try to connect to everything but they never pan out :smiley:

a corrupt azeroth means the planet would die and we with it so i don’t see it going that direction unless they want to end wow forever

Corrupted Azeroth doesnt mean planet would die. It only means when titan awakens she would do void’s biddings so titans would try to kill her before she awakens. Then again probably that is why they are coming with LT. Altough i dont think Azeroth is gonna be ever fully corrupted. But titans can see enough reason to kill Azeroth with all the things gonna happen at Midnight

no it litterly means the planet would die the planet is azeroth without her it would fall apart as it stand the world wow takes place on is just the shell of a titan also its possible that some people have theoried that azeroth is litterly dreaming existence it self so yeah … dead azeroth = end game

I don’t think that’s more than fan theories. Do you have an official source for any of that?

No, it’s the opposite. Azeroth caused the planet to die out by eating all the spirit/chi originally and the titans arrived to restore balance on that planet. Lots of planets don’t have world souls in the game. I only know azeroth and Argus have one

Although it’s pure speculation at this point, I’m almost certain this is talking about one of the world trees.

On one hand, it could be indicating something about the future of the newly emerged Amirdrassil as it takes root in reality.
However, there’s also the question of what’s going on with the husk of the burnt out Teldrassil?
In addition, we never really concluded the decay gnoll arc to my knowledge. With the end boss Decatriarch Wratheye running away at the end of the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon. What if she and her benefactors have taken up residence there and are working their decay magic to twist what remains of the tree into something sinister. Maybe something like some sleepy hollow styled gateway.

Going off on a tangent, we’ve yet to see the manifestation of a major decay or spirit elemental lord since being made aware of these additional domains by both the titan and broker cosmology charts.
Although, I think it’s been mentioned the incubation of Azeroth has siphoned off most of the spirit element to feed the world soul, it could still mean there’s an imbalance of relatively surplus decay magic left unchecked. This is unless something like the Scourge represents this in an indirect way.

it’s different for those other planets for azeroth the planet is the titan its what makes up the titan’s body so if the titan dies the planet goes too when azeroth it born it will most likely reconsitute what we know as the planet into its titan body and eveyone will die … the end

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